Our Compilation of Top Outright Picks for Tanzania in the World of Sports

The Champion’s League is one of the most prestigious trophies on earth, the very pinnacle of club football and the trophy that every player dreams of one day winning with their side. This makes the UCL one of if not the most dramatic football competitions around. The best players, loads of goals and last-minute winners. All the excitement also means that it is one of the most exciting competitions to bet on. So here are, 4 ‘Outright’ tips for the UCL from 10bet

Outright winner 


As always picking a Champions League winner is like picking a needle from a haystack, there are so many potential options and so many reasons to choose them all. So, let’s run through our favourites. Liverpool. The last four seasons have seen Liverpool get to at least the Quarterfinals three times and Klopp’s men have looked brilliant this season qualifying from their group very early. PSG. Any club that has Messi will always be a threat in the Champions League and when the supporting cast looks like Neymar and Mbappe don’t be surprised if PSG get to the final again and maybe even win it. Bayern Muchen. As ever Bayern look deadly in almost every game they play, they’re a club built for the Champions League and whoever beats them will probably win the whole thing. Man City. If there is any club that has tried harder to win the UCL than Man City then we don’t know about them. Pep’s side have been favourites to win the competition for several seasons and last season they were one game away from winning it all, don’t be surprised if they take that final step this season. 

Top Goal scorer 

There are some obvious names that should never be looked past when choosing a UCL top goal scorer. Last season Haaland won the award by only scoring 11 goals. This season it looks as though the total could be far higher. CR7 even at Man Utd is the competitions top scorer of all time and is always looking to be the star man in every game. Leo Messi another lover of the UCL, big game player and at a club who have looked good in the UCL and could even go all the way. Lewandowski, the man is just a goal machine, getting a goal nearly every game whilst part of a seemingly unstoppable Bayern squad at times. But if you are looking elsewhere maybe take a punt at Sabastian Haller who has been brilliant in the early stages of the UCL and even though we don’t expect Ajax to make it all the way he could bag a lot of goals before they bow out. 

Nationality of the winner 

The last 4 years has seen two all English finals across 4 different teams, so obviously England is our favourite for this one. Meanwhile, Germany have Bayern and Dortmund with the former being one of the competition favourites. Spain is by no means the powerhouse they once were but with Benzema at the head of Real Madrid, they could be an outside looker. When you see France as an option you are really asking if PSG are going to win the competition? As for Italy, we really don’t know what their remaining clubs are going to offer with many key players from many of their clubs leaving over the summer. Also, you’d have to be a brave person to bet on “Any other nation” as that option haven’t won the competition since Porto in 2003/04. 

Reach the final 

For a good bet in this category the best odds will come from the dark horses that you think may make the final even if they aren’t necessarily going to win the whole thing. Some outsiders who will get you good odds for this may be, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Dortmund, Juventus or even Man Utd. All these clubs in our opinion are strong sides who just need the right guidance to get them through the competition. Although this is a difficult call as Dortmund, Juve, Barca and Man Utd may have to keep some of their concentration on their leagues as they have all had bad patches and don’t want to see them happen again. So Real Madrid, who still seem like a side who are capable to keep up their league form whilst balancing the UCL, look the best bet for this one. It’s just a question if they will get to the final ahead of the likes of PSG, Chelsea, Man City and Bayern. 

Odds are always changing as the competition progresses so keep your eyes open for the best odds all on 10bet.


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