Huawei Watch Fit finally available across retail stores in Kenya for Ksh. 11,999

Recently announced Huawei Watch Fit, that features a rounded rectangular face is now available in various retail outlets across the country. The wearable device is going for Ksh. 11,999, making it the most affordable smartwatch that Huawei is currently selling in the country. Under the hood are some interesting features including animated fitness courses, workout modes as well as scientific health tracking features.

While announcing its general availability, Huawei Mobile Kenya Country Head Jim Zhujie acknowledged how users had been trying out new forms of exercises such as going for long distance runs, experimenting with Yoga or Pilates and noted how the new device caters for their needs. Zhujie further said the Huawei Watch Fit was equipped with features that’ll allow users to exercise anytime, anywhere.

Zhujie concluded by noting a growing consciousness from consumers who want to keep a tab on their personal health. According to the Country Head, most consumers look for comprehensive health tracking features that can track heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring.

Amongst current Huawei watches, the Watch Fit is the only wearable to feature a rectangular design, it comes with a 1.64 inches AMOLED display panel. Users will have an option to choose different colors such as mint green, sakura pink, and Graphite Black. It also comes with a breathable strap design that is complemented by a long-lasting battery to ensure users can wear for days or even weeks on end.


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