Keeping Up with Football Scores on Your Phone

Football is certainly the most popular sport all over the world. Estimates speak of it having a fan base of more than 3 billion, beating pretty much every other sport you can think of. This huge following means that football is also the sport with the biggest media coverage – there is no TV channel and newspaper, online or otherwise, that doesn’t cover it in one form or another.

This should mean that you stumble upon football coverage pretty much everywhere you go. Except in many cases, it’s one-sided and incomplete – perhaps without the results, you are interested in the most. But there are simple ways in which you can keep up with the latest results – and all you need for that is an internet connection.

Betting apps

Betway has perhaps the best online sports betting Tanzania has to offer – but it has way more than that. It also has all the most important football scores at hand. Downloading the Betway app and registering an account opens up your personal portal to more than just the best odds – it has a section where the odds of either team winning are analyzed in real-time, giving you not just the score but the potential end result as well.

In some cases, the matches are even streamed live through the betting app, so you can not only bet on them but follow them as they happen.

Club apps

Many football clubs love to keep in touch with their fans online by releasing their own native smartphone apps – and many of these include not just the latest scores and news but live streams of their matches and recordings of their past games as well. The selection is wide… but unfortunately not complete. But it represents a solution for keeping up with at least a few of the biggest matches of your favorite teams.

The Play Store has countless official apps released by football leagues and individual clubs. There is one released by the English Premier League, La Liga, and other major European leagues – but there is one for the Ligi Kuu Bara, too, with all the latest updates and news about the teams closest to your heart.


NewsNow is a service that’s one of a kind. It is basically a news aggregator that collects the headlines from other sites – except that it has the biggest collection of news feeds of any site of its kind. Plus, it has a smart algorithm that collects every piece of news related to a certain topic, no matter if it’s politics, entertainment or football.

NewsNow doesn’t have a smartphone app but it has a clever mobile website at (and for the US version, and for the Italian one). Here, you can find all the latest news about football (and pretty much everything else).


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