Top 5 Popular Sports to Bet On in Africa

Betting is a popular activity in Africa, with BetWinner being one of the most popular betting sites on the continent. BetWinner registration in Kenya allows users to place bets on their favorite sports and games – from football, rugby and cricket to virtual games like horse racing and more. With BetWinner’s easy-to-use platform, bettors can enjoy placing wagers on some of the most popular sports in Africa. Here are five of the top sports people in Africa love to bet on.

Football (Soccer)

The most popular sport to bet on in Africa is without a doubt football (also known as soccer). Football has been a major part of African culture for generations and it is no surprise that this has resulted in a thriving betting industry around the sport. Football betting allows punters to place wagers on anything from match winners and goal scorers to tournament outcomes and individual player performances. With teams from all over Africa competing for trophies every year, there are plenty of opportunities for both experienced and novice bettors looking to take advantage of potential winnings from their wagers.


Rugby is another extremely popular sport throughout Africa, and it too has spawned a big online betting community. As well as offering wagers on matches taking place between local teams, many online bookmakers also allow punters to place bets on international competitions such as the Rugby World Cup and Super Rugby tournaments. The ability to bet on games taking place anywhere in the world makes rugby an attractive option for those looking for a more global approach when placing their bets.

Furthermore, rugby is an exciting and unpredictable sport which makes it all the more thrilling for people who are placing bets. With players constantly evolving their tactics and strategies mid-game, no two matches are exactly alike – meaning that any wager placed could potentially offer big returns if luck is on your side. Additionally, because of its long history in Africa and its popularity amongst African sports fans, there is always a wealth of information available about upcoming games and potential outcomes to help guide your decisions when placing bets.


Cricket may not be as widely played throughout Africa as football or rugby but it still remains one of the continent’s biggest sporting attractions when it comes to gambling. Cricket betting offers plenty of opportunities for punters looking to make money off their predictions, with some bookmakers even offering live streaming of matches taking place across the globe so that they can get an up-close look at how games are unfolding before they decide where to put their money down.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is another popular form of gambling in many parts of Africa due largely to its accessibility compared with other forms of sport betting. With tracks located all across the continent, punters can easily find themselves at any number of racetracks throughout any given week depending on where they live or what kind of races they want to watch or bet on. Horse racing can provide some great returns if you know which horses are likely to come out ahead, making it one of the most lucrative forms of gambling available in Africa today.

Horse racing is one of the oldest and most popular forms of gambling in Africa. From South Africa to Kenya, horse racing events have long provided bettors with the opportunity to make some serious money if they know how to pick their horses. Many online bookmakers also offer horse racing betting options for those who prefer to play from the comfort of their own home.

Motor Sport

Although motor sport might not be as commonly associated with gambling in Africa compared with other countries around the world such as Europe or America, motor racing remains a huge draw among African fans who love watching hot rods tearing up tracks across the continent each weekend. Motor racing has seen a surge in popularity recently thanks partly due to increased access via mobile apps which allow punters who don’t have access to physical tracks nearby an opportunity still partake through virtual events such as Formula One races or MotoGP events held around the world each season.

From football to horse racing, motor sport and more, there are plenty of sports that African bettors can enjoy when looking for potential winnings. Each one offers its own unique advantages and opportunities which makes them attractive to punters from all over the continent. With so many available betting options at their disposal, it’s no wonder why these five popular sports remain some of the most successful in terms of bringing together players from across Africa each day. So whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the world of online gambling, make sure you check out what these great games have to offer!


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