How to withdraw cash from your MPESA account through a Coop bank ATM

The convenience that MPESA offers is unrivaled in many aspects, you can withdraw your cash from various services including a bank’s Automated Teller Machines (ATM). Today, I’m going to illustrate just how you can withdraw cash from your MPESA wallet from ATM machines of cooperative bank. It’s one of the largest banks here in Kenya with numerous ATM locations.

There are various reasons why someone would choose to withdraw from an ATM machine rather than going to an MPESA agent. It could be that there’s no MPESA agent around the area, or it’s at night when most of them close for security reasons. In some rare cases, some MPESA agents don’t accept transactions without official identification documents such as an ID card, in such instance, someone would be comfortable using ATM instead. Additionally, not all MPESA agents have enough cash to make a withdrawal, at least with an ATM machine you can withdraw several thousand without any issues.

How to withdraw money from MPESA at a Cooperative bank ATM

  • On your MPESA menu, select Withdraw Cash
  • Then choose ATM
  • And enter Coop Bank MPESA agent number 472472
  • Put your MPESA PIN to complete the transaction
  • You should receive a six-digit code on your phone that expires in 4 minutes to proceed with withdrawal

What to do on the ATM Machine

  • Press the button next to MPESA WITHDRAWAL on the ATM machine
  • Enter your MPESA mobile number
  • Put the amount to withdraw
  • Followed by the six digit you received on the previous process
  • You should receive cash immediately


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