Xiaomi’s recent patents hints on three foldable devices due in 2021

Lately, smartphone manufacturers have been keen to dive into the foldable segment and it seems Xiaomi isn’t left out either, at least from three different patents. This comes even as several phone makers managed to release their foldable devices in 2020 such as Samsung, Motorola and even Microsoft. According to reports we currently have, Samsung intents to increase the it’s foldable lineup to three devices in 2021, Xiaomi on it’s end has a plan to unveil similar number of devices within the year according to a display analyst.

According to Ross Young in a tweet shared on the eve of Christmas 2020, we should expect Xiaomi to release three foldable devices in 2021 with varying types of folds. Consequently, a Dutch media LetsGoDigital was quick to point out several patents owned by Xiaomi in support of the theory.

The designs depict three different types of folds, from clamshell design to inward folding screens, each featuring a different type of camera setup at the rear panel. If Young’s tweet is anything to go by, we should expect three different foldable devices from Xiaomi in 2021; one featuring an inward folding screen design such as Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, second featuring a design similar to the Z fold 2 and a third one featuring an outward design like the Huawei Mate Xs.

If these reports are anything to go by, Xiaomi will effectively enter the foldable segment in 2021, hopefully giving the likes of Samsung a run for their money. Current foldable devices are extremely expensive and given the entrant by Xiaomi, we should expect prices to start somewhat dropping as the manufacturer is know to offer very competitive prices in comparison.


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