Samsung Just took off wraps on an iPad Pro competitor, the Galaxy Tab S5e with a 10.5inch AMOLED Screen

Apple’s tablet division has been doing comparatively well against android alternatives far too long, and some pretty amazing upgrades have so far been unveiled with the iPad pro taking a decent share of the tablet market except for a few windows devices that we’d rather not divulge into. But that’s just about to be put to test with a new entrant – the Galaxy Tab S5e which we assume is Samsung response to android lovers who’ve been asking manufacturers at least to throw them a bone. Since the yester years, handsets have evolved to accommodate even larger displays that make owning an android tablet a rather privileged endeavor and not necessarily that important, this definitely makes it quite an adventure to see how Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e demand unfolds in the coming days.

If you’d asked me earlier this year – 2019, whether they’ll be any android tablets on the market, I’d confidently have responded with a big “NO”. Once we started embracing the notch evolution and Samsung’s own way of stretching the display panel beyond normal, tablets in themselves become irrelevant. I remember when the term “Phablet” become so common that in the end didn’t make any meaning as we moved to larger and bigger phones, it wasn’t long after we unwaveringly paid our last respects at the dawn of compact phones with an almost all-screen front. It’s therefore interesting to see unapologetic tablet unveiled in 2019 – to some degree, it makes perfect sense. Can you imagine having a smartphone with a 10inch screen, not possible right? I think will still see tablets for a while.

Moving on to Samsung’s offering, it’s not the new tablet that’s been making headlines in the media alone – Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e bears an almost uncanny resemblance to Apple’s iPad Pro. Convince me otherwise but the latest tablet from the manufacturer shows no further initiative to design approach beyond the latest 2018 iPad Pro 11inch which is not necessarily a bad thing considering its top notch; but we’d loved to see some bit of innovation hopefully one that sets it apart from the iPad. The price tag is indeed encouraging though, rather than forking out hundreds of dollars on the iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is expected to retail in the range of a bout KS. 40,000 once it becomes available here in Kenya.

Here is what you ought to know before buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Looking at the naming nomenclature, same as that employed on the Samsung Galaxy S10e with an “e” extension, we expect nothing but modest internals that lead to an overall fair price tag.

Display Screen

  • Samsung has worked hard enough to accommodate a larger 10.5inch front panel that accounts for 81.8 percent screen to body ratio. The display itself utilizes Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology with an aspect ratio of 16:10, and an impressive resolution of 2560 x 1600 at 287ppi.


  • We’ve seen many Samsung’s tablets which by the way are good, but the Tab S5e is the thinnest and lightest all-metal Galaxy Tab from Samsung. It stretches to 5.5mm thickness and weighs a meagre 400 grams for a tablet, this is one seriously svelte machine; however, we cannot easily brush-off its striking resemblance to Apple’s iPad Pro.


  • As expected for a tablet within its price range, internally is powered by a mid-range Snapdragon 670 chipset and comes with 7,040mAh battery that’s touted to last up to 14.5 hours. Samsung Tab S5e will also run Android Pie with One UI on top. It’s available with 4 or 6GB RAM and 64 or 128GB of expandable storage.


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