Notches almost becoming extinct with the release of ZTE Axon 20 5G with under-screen camera

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When Apple first unveiled the iPhone X, with what has now become industry standard – the notch, there were definitely mixed reaction on Apple’s take which clearly played out on various social media platforms. Consumers worldwide were practically on the verge of comparing the notch’s appearance to anything including some people’s foreheads. And while trying to be impartial in a segment that definitely become polarized depending on whether you love or hate, there are a couple of benefits we now enjoy because of that famous or infamous notch, whichever way you’d want to view. The ZTE Axon 20 5G which features an under-display selfie camera might be just what we need to be convinced that actually a notch-less era is beaming on the horizon.

But before we begin discussing the soon-disappearance of notches on our smartphones, we actually need to know what exactly gave way to their very existence and why they failed to solve their intended purpose. Consumers worldwide were thirst for a device that would house a large display panel but still maintain an overall small portfolio. This only meant one thing, removing unnecessary bezels on devices except those which were absolutely necessary. And while most hardware that were housed within the display panel that ended up forcing manufacturers to embrace bezels such as earpiece, sensors such as proximity, the same could not easily be achieved with a selfie camera.

It was almost impossible to relocate a selfie camera without deploying other means such as a popup implementation that would still allow users to have the sensor on their devices. Samsung including other manufactures have already tried going the popup way, but with some big compromises in areas that weren’t worth the trouble such as water proofing and a smaller battery to cater for the additional space.

The ZTE Axon 20 has definitely got some attention and for the right reasons, it’s a mid-tier smartphone with one standout feature that’s got everyone talking – an under-display camera. The camera is hid under the display panel, not noticeable to the naked eye except in certain conditions and with a closer inspection. The tech is rejuvenating and it actually gives us a glimpse of a future without a notch, although it’s yet to be fully-baked for mas rollout.  

Bezel-less experience

ZTE is one of those companies with a low profile but still wants to make a name for themselves by being first in some areas. And I must point out, the manufacturer might have just got the best segment to excel, or some would say, lead others. But to really appreciate what ZTE is trying to prove, you need to have owned one of those phones with a popup camera, and just have an experience with a display that has nothing else in its way for the ultimate experience.

Nothing comes close to a device with such an immersive panel. The ZTE Axon 20 5G packs a 6.92-inch display panel with a resolution of HD+ which makes things even more interesting. And with a price tag comparable to the likes of OPPO Reno4, Vivo V19 , Tecno Camon 16 Premier and Infinix Zero 8, it does provide something that you won’t get on either of mentioned devices.

An additional icing on the cake, users will have an option to set the refresh rate at 90Hz instead of 60Hz which is set by default. So, the interface plus some titles should be a breeze to use and play. While the tech makes this device something to talk about in the year 2020, it does show that notches are becoming extinct in the near future.


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