How to register next of kin on your MPESA account using a mobile phone

Safaricom has reported to have more than 1.7 billion shillings that no one has laid claim on due to lack of next of kin. And with the prying eye of the unclaimed assets authority, it’s better to have your next of kin registered on your MPESA account so they don’t miss out in case of that unfortunate event. While some people may not know it, there’s actually a very simple USSD code procedure for someone to enlist their next of kin right on their mobile phone.

By following some simple USSD prompts on your mobile phone, it’s simpler than most people think to have someone put as your next of kin on your MPESA number. According to new regulations, organizations are supposed to hand over any unclaimed assets to the Authority, and in some cases such as the financial markets, individuals are sometimes expected to claim their assets or have them hand to the authority.

How to enlist your next of kin on MPESA number

  • On your mobile phone, dial *234*5#
  • Then from the options, select “Next of Kin”, at position 6 as of this writing
  • Enter your Bonga Pin to continue, you may press 1 in case you don’t know of forgot
  • Then enter the mobile number of your next of kin
  • You’ll be required to choose the appropriate identification document, Press 1 for National ID or the number relevant to the document
  • Enter their document number, such is ID number
  • Confirm the process, N/B: you cannot nominate your own number as next kin.


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