Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve offers a unique design, various sport modes at an affordable price

Xiaomi has proved to be a force to reckon when it comes to wearables, and while other manufacturers are scrambling to get a piece of the pie, Xiaomi is currently diversifying its offering to include all shapes and forms we could think of. The latest Xiaomi Mi Watch revolve not only comes as a cheaper alternative to pricey Apple and Galaxy watches but also features a unique circular design most manufacturers are not willing to adopt for some reason.

While we currently do not have an official confirmation as to whether the Mi Watch Revolve will ever be sold in Kenya, I’m one optimistic fan that can’t wait to add a circular smart time piece in my closet. I’m sure the circular design has a special category among consumers given very few manufacturers are willing to take that road and I’m definitely among that group that cannot wait to have.

India seems to be lucky enough to have the Mi Watch Revolve within reach and it just doesn’t come as the first smart watch from the company in the country, but maybe one among many that so far have refused to take Apple’s highroad. Xiaomi is definitely among the top smartwatch manufacturers the world over and this is partly due to the success Mi band has enjoyed in various territories. There are a couple of similarities between the Watch revolve and the Mi Watch color unveiled earlier in China.

What does the Mi Watch Revolve offer?

There are a couple of reasons why this wearable should delight fans, and it’s a combination of a unique design and some really incredible features. The watch is enclosed in a stainless-steel frame with somewhat big 46mm dial. The 1.39-inch display is AMOLED with a resolution of 454 x 454 and is covered on top with a Gorilla glass 3.

Under the hood, users can choose from over 110 watch faces but the manufacturer plans to increase that number to way over 1,000. There are also two colors to choose from; Midnight Black and Chrome Silver, although users will have a ton of strap options, including leather, Astral Olive, Cosmic Dust Maroon, Neptune Blue, and Space Black.

According to Xiaomi, the Mi Watch Revolve comes with the FIRSTBEAT motion algorithm, credited with measuring heart rate variability (time between consecutive heart beats), energy levels, sleep quality, and stress to analyze your overall health.

In addition, the watch will be able to determine your VO2 Max reading, which basically measures your cardiovascular health. Other features include the ability to determine the amount of energy consumed, training effect including 10 sport modes.

Price and availability in Kenya

While there’s no word if the Mi watch Revolve will ever get here, there are a number of online shops you could order one. The price from various platforms range around Ksh. 15,000 so its best to assume it’ll cost around there when it gets here.


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