Xiaomi’s Mi Band 5 offers substantial upgrades from the former band 4

Xiaomi is expected to officially unveil its latest sequel in the Mi band lineup with some substantial upgrades over the former. I’ve been a big fan of the Xiaomi’s bands lineup for really good reasons. Unlike the competition, Xiaomi’s alternatives have been known to offer very good battery lifetime with my band 4 going all the way to 21 days. They also have some pretty mazing combination of features and price.

The tech giant has at least confirmed some nifty features coming on the band 5 correcting some of the band 4’s flaws. In its own way, the band 4 isn’t a bad choice for many, it has some of the best features in the industry and costs just a fraction of available alternatives. However, as we all can acknowledge, something good can always become better.

Upgrade of charging system to magnetic charging for the Mi Band 5

Previous Mi bands such as band 3 and 4 required users to separate the band from the tracker in order to charge. The band 5 will instead utilize a magnetic charging connection that’ll be hooked below the band without having to remove it from its housing as has been the trend.

In addition to the magnetic charging, the band 5 is set to come with more upgrades over its predecessor such as 20% larger screen giving users a much-needed upgrade as the previous model had a somewhat tiny display.

We also expect a range upgrades on sensors that will be included such as a heart rate sensor, as well as oxygen level sensor. It’ll also come packed with a range of tracking features to track your sleep, stress, and respiratory health.

According to android authority, the band 5 will come equipped with women’s health tracking and remote camera control, in addition to 11 sports modes plus NFC support.


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