New company registration will require a letterbox from Posta Kenya as a requirement

If the current proposals from the postal corporation of Kenya are anything to go by, new company registrations will be required to have a letterbox. The world has moved on from days when a letterbox was so essential that companies needed to have one at least to appear legit. We now have emails which are more efficient and generally way better than compared to hard copy letters. Due to these reasons, Posta Kenya has been a victim, losing out to technology in most areas the corporation once used to make money.  

The covid-19 era didn’t make things any better, planes were grounded; meaning, the only remaining source of revenue for the postal corporation which is cargo collapsed rendering the organization without any income. This led the organization to suspend salaries for the employees who until today had gone without their monthly pay. Thanks to government led bailout that has since authorized close to a billion Kenyan shillings for the worker’s pay.

The corporation in their latest push is now recommending the government to compel new company registrations to require a letter box. According to the corporation, this will help in revenue generation and not need assistance from the government to sustain itself.

According to Postmaster General Dan Kagwe speaking to Parliament, he indicated that it’s dwindling fortunes had eroded staff morale, confidence of suppliers, government organizations as well potential customers. Kagwe further said the requirement had the potential to turn around and pay dividends to the government if it approves the letterbox as a compulsory requirement for company registration.

At the moment, new company registrations only require a postal and email addresses of shareholders and directors as well as the physical location of the business. It’ll be interesting if the government adopts these requirements considering technology presently has more efficient and convenient methods of communicating.


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