Huawei’s AppGallery gets set to take on Google and Apple by strengthening ecosystem

Huawei looks on to enhance its AppGallery despite immense efforts from the US government to thwart its operations. The tech giant is doing everything possible to remain in operation and one such effort has been revealed during it’s ongoing Developer Conference 2020 – dubbed “Together”, where the company’s president of Global Operations Mr. Wang highlighted the support Huawei has so far accorded its global partners.

The company has so far collaborated with various entities in Kenya such as the Standard Media Group, TUKO, Nation Media Group, KPLC, NTSA, ABSA Kenya, Diamond Trust Bank and Standard Chartered Bank of Kenya among others. Mr Wang noted the AppGallery and Huawei Mobile services continued to thrive despite challenges thanks to global partners and is poised to build one of the top three app distribution platforms in the world (the first and second slots reserved for android and iOS).

According to Wang, the AppGallery has a total of 490 million active monthly users in more than 170 countries. Huawei further said, there were almost 261 billion app downloads during the first half of 2020, reinforcing its growth potential and popularity as a credible market place for users. The company further alleges, close to 1.8 million developers globally had joined Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem while more than 96,000 applications had been integrated with HMS Core worldwide, offering users even more unique experiences.

During the conference, Huawei indicated how important it was for the company to reach diverse needs for various users across the globe which has been the priority for the AppGallery. Amongst its strategies is meeting both Global and Local needs with innovative approach to app listings which gave consumers an enhanced experience such as focusing on popular local apps.

Global partners that have been instrumental for its growth include, Bolt, Deezer, Foodpanda, TomTom Go Navigation, LINE, Qwant and Telegram who joined the AppGallery making life more convenient for users. In Middle East and Africa, popular messaging app Imo and the well-known online shopping platform noon shopping are both available on AppGallery.


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