Xiaomi’s Mi 20w smart tracking charging pad lets you charge up to two devices wirelessly

Xiaomi just unveiled its version of Apple’s defunct Airpower that never came to production – dubbed Mi 20w smart tracking charging pad. The name is a bit confusing but really means whatever it says, just in a different way. And from the features, its one of those accessories that you never thought you needed until you used one.

There were several reasons given by Apple for abandoning their version of wireless charging accessory with lots of references to its standards and so on, but looks like Xiaomi just came up with something that really works, and we’re excited to actually buy one for actual use.

Honestly, I’m at a point where I’ll jump onto anything that says wireless charging and isn’t from some crap Chinese company, I’ve had it enough from substandard wireless chargers that often experience overheating and charges way slower than what my patience can keep up with.

Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Tracking Charging Pad, is said to charge up to two devices simultaneously and you don’t have to place them at specific angles for them to charge – hence the name smart tracking. It’s interesting to be able to charge two different items simultaneously with a single wireless charger. Say you have a smart watch that needs to be recharged and your phone battery is almost going off, the pad will allow you recharge both of them simultaneously.

How the Mi 20w smart tracking charging pad works;

Place your devices anywhere on the pad and it’ll automatically identify where you’ve put them and start charging immediately. That pad can also charge up to two devices concurrently; just put your devices anywhere and the charging icon should show up almost immediately.The pad costs around USD 72 which comes to about Ksh. 8,000. While we’re eager to see the pad in action, there’s still no word on when it’ll launch here in Kenya and if at all it will.


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