Xiaomi’s 80W Mi Wireless charging tech is the fastest with a reported 19 minute to full capacity

There have been several commendable innovations in the smartphone world for at least the past decade, we now have almost zero bezels on modern devices and the internals are just miles apart in comparison to just five years ago. But one area that has lurked in any form of noticeable breakthrough is the smartphone battery; instead, manufacturers are now more concerned on the charging technology in a bid to mitigate low lifespan of lithium ion batteries. Xiaomi for example just unveiled its next tech in charging with a reported 80W wireless charging that’s capable of filling up your device in just 19 minutes!

In a little over a decade, it’s surprising that manufacturers are still using the same chemical compounds to make those batteries we have in our mobile phones; but at the same time, we ought to give them some credit on just how much they’ve been able to achieve when it comes to charging efficiency and speed. We can now charge our devices even faster that what we could possibly achieve before and the charging tech has evolved to allow both wireless and wired in various environments.

Today, Xiaomi is seeking to be crowned in what the manufacturer claims to be the fastest wireless charging tech ever unveiled in the smartphone industry. With the Xiaomi Mi 80W wireless charging invention that’s expected to reach consumers soon, Xiaomi will have one of the fastest wireless capable tech to ever reach mass production and consumers respectively.

Wireless charging has been around for sometime with android as usual being the first to embrace the tech, but Apple has also made noticeable strides in the sector. We can’t specifically single-out the first android phone to embrace the tech, but Apple has been on record to introduce it on the iPhone X, when the tech giant also embraced a notch with minimal bezels. But unlike wired charging which has been in existence for a while, wireless charging has had it’s share of complications; early chargers have been marred with overheating and it’s not as fast as wired for some reason, something that makes Xiaomi’s Mi 80W wireless charging truly impressive.  

The current 120W wired charging obviously isn’t good enough after Xiaomi adopted an 80W speed wireless charger, an obvious upgrade over last year’s 30W invention and 40W breakthrough announce at the beginning of this year in March.

Xiaomi is now showing off a modified Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro with blazing fast charging speeds of 80W, which is way better than what we got on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra that shipped with 50W wireless charging. 80W Mi tech would only take 19 minutes to fully charge a 4000mAh battery compared to a 30W wireless charger that would instead take 69 minutes to fill up.

There is no clear indication as to when this tech will become available to masses, but it definitely gives us some hope on the future of charging tech. We can only guess when the tech will be released but definitely much will depend on reliability as well as if is indeed safe for use.


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