Simple way to check your Telkom Kenya mobile number in case you’ve forgotten

At some point, you may forget your mobile phone number especially if it’s not your primary contact. Telkom Kenya has an easier way to retrieve your phone number details in such circumstances without having to spent a penny. All you have to do is follow some simple USSD prompts and you’ll easily retrieve details right on your mobile phone.

In our previous editorial, we also highlighted how you could retrieve your Airtel mobile phone number in case it slips your mind, and this happens to most of us on various occasions. There are several ways of course that you could use to get your mobile digits such as initiating a call to another number that’s in your possession and observing the digits that show up, sending a test text message or even using some online selfcare services.

But the problem is, these options may not be optional if you didn’t load enough airtime on the number in question. There are also a couple of mobile devices, especially smartphones that usually have a section with your contact details, but the technology in feature phones we occasionally call kabambe just don’t have a way to check.

How to check your Telkom Kenya phone number digits

  • On your phone, dial “*100#
  • Then choose My account
  • On the second menu, select My number option
  • You should receive a message with your phone number details



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