iPhone owners with Fortnite installed are cashing-in big time, being sold at premium costs

Things don’t look like they’ll be getting easier any time soon as far as Apple and Fortnite are concerned, and iPhone owners are taking every bit of opportunity to cash-in with massive pricing on iPhones with Fortnite already installed. It doesn’t really make any sense for the average consumer, but if you’re a fan of both iPhone and Fortnite, it might just be about time to have one in case the two giants don’t ever make-up

For those of us who have been anxiously following the current fiasco between iPhone maker and Fortnite developer – Epic Games, you already know the antitrust lawsuit and the exchange of blame games between the two companies that has resulted in one of all-time loved game to be removed from App Store. Both Google and Apple removed the Game from their respective app stores following violations of their terms and people somehow having been pricing iPhones with the game at exorbitant prices.

Reports from various tech sites such as iMore indicate that some iPhones are priced up to USD 10,000 equivalent to Ksh. 1,000,000 just for having the precious game on it. And make no mistake, it’s not a typo, some iPhone owners are apparently raking in a million Kenyan shillings for a single device!

A simple search on eBay would easily show some iPhones with price tags some of us would think it’s a hoax but apparently a real deal. For android owners, unfortunately there isn’t any monetary aspect attached to the current fiasco as you can easily install via a stand alone APK file if you really need it.


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