Google Duo is headed for android TV, Soon You’ll make those video calls on TV

The expected merge between Google Duo and Meet might have taken all the limelight from the most important development on the video call functionality of the two apps, rumors are strife of an imminent support of android TV, effectively allowing users to make and receive video calls on their television sets.

We expect the two popular apps to merge any time from now; however, Google hasn’t stopped adding features on the apps independently. Soon, android TV owners will be smiling all the way into video conferencing on their television sets. The current pandemic might have had a hand in motivating Google to take a second look into the tools, they’ve literally gained a lot of use amongst users who would have otherwise not known of their existence.

Although we don’t expect the feature to be released to the mainstream public in a few days, rumors indicate beta testers will gain access to the functionality in a few weeks before it’s rolled out to the entire public.

From the blogpost by TJ Varghese, Group product manager, Google meet hardware, referring to the TV display panel, Varghese said the big screen wasn’t meant just for work meetings and they were making it possible to make video calling friends and family possible as well.

Google Duo will allow users to a one on one or group video call with possibility of plugging in a web cam via USB port if one isn’t built in. It should also be noted the company lately has been keen on enhancing the video calling experience in the app, with meet updated to enable making video calls on the TV via Google cast.


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