Two employees of the Communications Authority tests positive for covid-19

Two employees of Kenya’s ICT regulator have tested positive for covid-19, although they were both on leave, it comes at a time when the country is loosening directives that were issued when the first case was confirmed in the country. The authority further said the respective employees have since started receiving medical attention and had not been in contact with other staff.

Efforts to trace and test people who came into contact with is said to be ongoing including families as well as friends. The authority further affirms that only cases that are extremely necessary to visit their offices will be allowed and has since directed that all license fees to be made to their bank accounts or through mobile money platforms indicated in the respective invoices.

Kenya is amongst countries that are still yet to implement contact tracing app based on the Google and Apple’s API. The app is still listed as in development on respective platforms while a few countries such as Austria, Brunei and Denmark have all released their apps.

While economies are crushing across the world due to effects brought by the novel corona virus at least with exception of China which just reported a 3+ percent rebound in economy growth, there’s still enormous fears of a second wave and public health experts are advocating for nations to adopt contact tracing solutions.

There’re also a few hiccups on contact tracing which is said to be difficult in implementing correctly without violating individual’s privacy. This is why Google and Apple had to collaborate on an API that developers of public health agencies can use to implement app-based contact tracing solutions.


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