How to send airtime to another phone number on the Airtel Kenya network using Me2U

There are a couple of ways you could share Airtel Kenya’s airtime with buddies in just a few steps. It’s a revolutionary way that mimics Safaricom’s Sambaza and Telkom’s Pewa service which allows subscribers on the network to send/share part of their airtime balance with other users on the same network. There are several reasons why this service could be ideal; for example, a friend with enough airtime to share with another friend on the same network, or even an employer who for some reason distributes credit to staff in a similar manner.

While Safaricoms Sambaza and Telkom’s Pewa services can be accessed in a single method, Airtel Kenya has provided a few ways you could still accomplish the same purpose. Like Safaricom, you could use sim tools to access the Me2u menu, or even use a USSD code just like Telkom Kenya.  

There are some few points to note;

  • You can transfer between Ksh.10 to Ksh.1000 worth of Airtel airtime per day
  • Obviously, this service is only available to share credit between Airtel and Airtel phone numbers

How to send Airtel Airtime using SIM Tool options;

  • Launch your SIM Tool app on your phone,
  • Select Me2U option
  • Choose the send airtime option
  • Enter the credit amount you intent to share
  • Key in your password and press send

How to share Airtel credit via a text message

  • Compose a new text message in the following format
  • 2u [space] <phone number> [space] <amount> [space] <password>
  • Example: to send KSH30 to 0733 456789 (Simply type: 2u 0733456789 30 0000 and send the SMS to 5050


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