How to check and manage your current active subscriptions on the Safaricom network

Safaricom subscribers can easily check their current active subscriptions such as Data bundles, SMS bundles, Skiza tunes, premium services and Games, marketing messages and weekly notifications. There are many reasons why someone would want to check active subscriptions such as unexplainable airtime deductions, or probably their inboxes are receiving a lot of junk marketing messages.

There’s plenty of all sorts of premium SMS services that sometimes use dubious means to enroll Kenyans to their services without their knowledge. I remember a few days ago, I received a prompt to enroll in certain services without having any knowledge of initiating such activity, good thing I’m a bit tech savvy and aware of such moves by unethical businesses.

Someone would not necessarily want to unsubscribe to genuine services but to keep them in check for example, and this is where you’ll need to actually know what you may be paying for. The process to check current active subscriptions is rather straight forward using a USSD code, so no need for a smartphone here.

How to check your current active subscriptions on the Safaricom network;

  • On your phone Dial *456#
  • Then select Stop by selecting number 9
  • From the provided list, choose the service you want to check i.e.
  1. for Data bundles
  2. for SMS bundles
  3. for Skiza
  4. for Premium services and Games
  5. for Marketing Messages
  6. for weekly notifications
  • Once you’ve selected choose to View active subscriptions, unsubscribe or stop them.



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