Dstv Kenya full channel list on various bouquets and cost per package in Kenya

Channels on Dstv Access package and subscription cost in Kenya (Ksh. 885)

Dstv Access is the base package on the Dstv platform. it costs slightly less than Ksh. 1,000 and matches most of the pay tv providers in the country. While it has minimal sporting channels, it still has various general entertainment channels including local TV stations.

TeleMundo (118)DMX – Adult Contemporary (751)Eastern FM (858)
E! Entertainment (124)DMX – Today’s Hits (752)Easy (859)
FOX Life (126)DMX – Y2K Hits (753)Channel Islam Internationale (865)
Discovery Family (136)DMX – 70’s Hits (754)Radio France Internationale (866)
M-Net Movies Zone (139)DMX – 80’s Hits (755)Capital FM (871)
EVA + (142)DMX – Familiar Favourites (756)Nosim (879)
Africa Magic Epic (152)DMX -Soft Hits (757)Mwatu (880)
Africa Magic Family (154)DMX – Love Songs (758)Maisha FM (881)
Africa Magic Hausa (156)DMX – Metro Blends (759)NEWS & COMMERCE
Africa Magic Yoruba (157)DMX – Cityscapes (760)STN TV (265)
Maisha Magic East (158)DMX – Groove Lounge (761)KASS TV (266)
Africa Magic Igbo (159)DMX – House Party (762)GBS (267)
Maisha Magic Bongo (160)DMX – Power Hits (763)Switch TV (268)
ROK 3 (164)DMX – Dance (764)Kameme TV (276)
Zee World (166)DMX – Trots Afrikaans (765)NTVU (283)
Televista (194)DMX – Campus Rock (766)Zanzibar TV (291)
Trybe (195)DMX – Alternative (767)ETV News (298)
Ghana Festivals (196)DMX – Hard Rock (768)Rwanda TV (299)
B4U Movies (451)DMX – Classic Rock (769)Disney Junior (309)
SPORTSDMX – Golden Oldies (770)Y254 (376)
BLITZ (200)DMX – 90’s Hits (771)BBC World News (400)
SuperSport 7 (207)DMX – Classic R&B (772)SABC News (404)
SuperSport 9 (209)DMX – Urban Adult Contemporary (773)Al Jazeera (406)
SuperSport 10 (210)DMX – Urban Beat (774)CGTN News (409)
Fashion One (178)DMX – Modern Country (776)CNC World (415)
NatGeo Wild (182)DMX – Traditional Country (777)Arise News (416)
Spice TV (190)DMX – Gospel (778)Africanews (417)
FAITH (341)DMX – Italian Contemporary (780)NDTV 24×7 (413)
Day Star (342)DMX – Smooth Jazz (781)RAI International (430)
TBN (343)DMX – Classic Jazz (782)TV5 Monde Afrique (437)
ISLAM CHANNEL (347)DMX – Blues (783)Deutsche Welle (446)
Eternal Word Television Network (348)DMX – Beautiful Instrumentals (784)CCTV 4 (447)
Dove TV (349)DMX – Contemporary Instrumentals (785)CGTN Documentary (448)
Emmanuel TV (390)DMX – The Light (786)CGTN French (449)
TV Mundial (P) (680)DMX – Light Classical (787)CCTV Entertainment – Mandarin Entertainment Channel (480)
MUSICDMX – Arias and Overtures (788)China Movie Channel (481)
MTV base (322)DMX – Chamber Music (789)Shanghai Dragon TV (482)
HIP TV (324)DMX – Symphonic (790)Hunan TV (483)
TRACE Mziki (326)DMX – French Contemporary (791)Zhejiang TV (484)
Sound City (327)BBC World Service English (850)Phoenix News and Entertainment (485)
Fiesta TV (329)BBC World Radio 2 (851)RTPi (P) (525)
KIDS & TEENBBC African Languages (852) 
Nickelodeon (305)Voice of America (853) 
Jim Jam (310)World Radio Network (854) 
PBS Kids (313)IDHAA (855) 
Mindset (319)KBCes (856) 


  1. Hi,lam harrison my question is how much to we pay so that we watch maisha magic east,and lass tv,, kindly inform me.waiting your feedback.

  2. There are channels listed above but not showing please. Maybe some explanation can do since it’s a bit disappointing


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