Dstv Kenya full channel list on various bouquets and cost per package in Kenya

South Africa’s conglomerate multichoice which owns Dstv is by far the most popular pay tv service provider in the whole of Africa, it owns vital rights to air most sporting events including the English premier league that Kenyans love to the core. Due to the current pandemic, Dstv has been one of the few companies that have partly gained and lost at an equal measure. There have been far fewer subscriptions from hotels that have been deeply affected by the effects of Covid-19, while many Kenyans who had resorted to stay at home had no otherwise but renew their subscriptions as a means of entertainment while at home.

Currently, Dstv Kenya offers a total of six bouquets with an option of four addon packages at various price points. Understandably, these packages keep changing from time to time and will try our best to keep them updated. As of this post, we have detailed each package that’s available for subscription on the Dstv platform and their respective costs.

Channels on Dstv Premium package and subscription cost in Kenya (Ksh. 7,370)

This is the top tier package on the Dstv platform. It consists of various channels covering almost all genres and is mostly used in hotels as well as entertainment places.

MOVIES & ENTERTAINMENTDMX – Classic R&B (772)MTV base (322)
M-Net (102)DMX – Urban Adult Contemporary (773)HIP TV (324)
1 Magic (103)DMX – Urban Beat (774)TRACE Naija (325)
M-Net Movies Premiere East (104)DMX – Reggae (775)AFRO Music English (326)
M-Net Movies Smile (105)DMX – Modern Country (776)TRACE Mziki (326)
M-Net Movies Action + (106)DMX – Traditional Country (777)Sound City (327)
M-Net Movies Action (110)DMX – Gospel (778)Fiesta TV (329)
M-Net Movies All Stars (111)DMX – African Rhythms (779)Trace Jama (333)
Studio Universal (112)DMX – Italian Contemporary (780)RELIGION
M-Net Binge (114)DMX – Smooth Jazz (781)FAITH (341)
M-Net City (115)DMX – Classic Jazz (782)Day Star (342)
VUZU (116)DMX – Blues (783)TBN (343)
Universal TV (117)DMX – Beautiful Instrumentals (784)ISLAM CHANNEL (347)
TeleMundo (118)DMX – Contemporary Instrumentals (785)Eternal Word Television Network (348)
BBC Brit (120)DMX – The Light (786)Dove TV (349)
Discovery Channel (121)DMX – Light Classical (787)Emmanuel TV (390)
Comedy Central (122)DMX – Arias and Overtures (788)TV Mundial (P) (680)
ITV Choice (123)DMX – Chamber Music (789)NEWS & COMMERCE
E! Entertainment (124)DMX – Symphonic (790)STN TV (265)
FOX (125)DMX – French Contemporary (791)KASS TV (266)
FOX Life (126)BBC World Service English (850)GBS (267)
BET (129)BBC World Radio 2 (851)Switch TV (268)
MTV (130)BBC African Languages (852)Kameme TV (276)
Lifetime Entertainment (131)Voice of America (853)NTVU (283)
CBS Reality (132)World Radio Network (854)Zanzibar TV (291)
Discovery TLC Entertainment (135)IDHAA (855)ETV News (298)
Discovery Family (136)KBCes (856)Rwanda TV (299)
TNT Africa (137)CORO (857)Boomerang (302)
M-Net Movies Zone (139)Eastern FM (858)NickTOONS (308)
EVA (141)Easy (859)Disney Junior (309)
EVA + (142)Channel Islam Internationale (865)Y254 (376)
Africa Magic Showcase (151)Radio France Internationale (866)BBC World News (400)
Africa Magic Epic (152)Capital FM (871)CNN International (401)
Africa Magic Urban (153)Nosim (879)Sky News (402)
Africa Magic Family (154)Mwatu (880)SABC News (404)
Africa Magic Hausa (156)Maisha FM (881)Al Jazeera (406)
Africa Magic Yoruba (157)DOCUMENTARIES & LIFESTYLECGTN News (409)
Maisha Magic East (158)Discovery ID (171)CNBC Africa (410)
Africa Magic Igbo (159)BBC Lifestyle (174)Bloomberg Television (411)
Maisha Magic Bongo (160)Food Network (175)EuroNews (414)
Pearl Magic (161)Fashion One (178)CNC World (415)
ROK 3 (164)National Geographic Channel (181)Arise News (416)
Zee World (166)NatGeo Wild (182)Africanews (417)
Star Life (167)The History Channel (186)Joy News (421)
ROK (168)Spice TV (190)EuroNews French (438)
ROK 2 (169)SPORTSEuroNews German (445)
Televista (194)BLITZ (200)SPECIALIST & FOREIGN
Trybe (195)SuperSport 1 (201)NDTV 24×7 (413)
Ghana Festivals (196)SuperSport 3 (203)RAI International (430)
B4U Movies (451)SuperSport 4 (204)TV5 Monde Afrique (437)
AUDIO CHANNELSSuperSport 5 (205)Deutsche Welle (446)
DMX – Adult Contemporary (751)SuperSport 6 (206)CCTV 4 (447)
DMX – Today’s Hits (752)SuperSport 7 (207)CGTN Documentary (448)
DMX – Y2K Hits (753)SuperSport 8 (208)CGTN French (449)
DMX – 70’s Hits (754)SuperSport 9 (209)CCTV Entertainment – Mandarin Entertainment Channel (480)
DMX – 80’s Hits (755)SuperSport 10 (210)China Movie Channel (481)
DMX – Familiar Favourites (756)SuperSport 11 (211)Shanghai Dragon TV (482)
DMX -Soft Hits (757)SuperSport 12 (212)Hunan TV (483)
DMX – Love Songs (758)SuperSport Maximo (P) (235)Zhejiang TV (484)
DMX – Metro Blends (759)SuperSport Maximo 2(P) (236)Phoenix News and Entertainment (485)
DMX – Cityscapes (760)KIDS & TEENRTPi (P) (525)
DMX – Groove Lounge (761)Cartoon Network (301)LOCAL
DMX – House Party (762)Disney Channel (303)eTV Africa (250)
DMX – Power Hits (763)Disney Channel XD (304)Inooro TV (269)
DMX – Dance (764)Nickelodeon (305)KBCTV (270)
DMX – Trots Afrikaans (765)Cbeebies (306)NTV (271)
DMX – Campus Rock (766)NickJr (307)KTN (272)
DMX – Alternative (767)Jim Jam (310)Citizen TV (273)
DMX – Hard Rock (768)PBS Kids (313)KTN News (274)
DMX – Classic Rock (769)Da Vinci Kids (318)K24 (275)
DMX – Golden Oldies (770)Mindset (319)Adom TV (280)
DMX – 90’s Hits (771)MUSICNBS (286)

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  1. Hi,lam harrison my question is how much to we pay so that we watch maisha magic east,and lass tv,, kindly inform me.waiting your feedback.

  2. There are channels listed above but not showing please. Maybe some explanation can do since it’s a bit disappointing

  3. Why can’t you lower the subscription fee?
    It’s becoming so expensive and yet we want to enjoy your channels


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