Microsoft’s “Your phone” app now let’s everyone control music playback on their android devices

Since exiting the smartphone business, Microsoft has been relentless in coming up with companion apps on the two major operating systems that complement users who use windows 10 on their personal computers. The software giant has unveiled several convenience applications in the android ecosystem such as the Microsoft launcher that brings the old tech giant’s goodies to the mobile platform with nifty additions such as Bing wallpapers, Microsoft news and so forth.

One such app, is the windows 10 “Your Phone” app, that lets users’ pair either an iPhone or an android device with their personal computer so they could easily access some features across the various platforms. There are of course a lot of features that users can in turn access across the two platforms such as responding to notifications, accessing text messages as well as receiving phone calls right on your computer.

For android users, besides features that have been on the app for a while, they’ve been always a need to control your music playback on the phone within the app. In fact, most users have been hoping for the feature to be rolled out, many saying it could really come in handy especially while working at home.

The feature basically allows users to control music currently streaming from their phones, whether it’s locally saved on the phone or playing online. This includes music from major streaming apps such as Spotify, YouTube Music, or Apple Music, without necessarily moving away from their workflows. Within Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app, users can easily control the source of music currently playing and skip tracks when needed.

To have access to the music playback control feature, user’s PC’s must be running latest windows 10 version (at least October 2018) update and have an android phone running android 7.0 Nougat or later. Needless to say, the music app on your device has to support music controls as well which is practically almost every smartphone out there.


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