How to apply and get a Safaricom PAYBILL number for MPESA transactions

Safaricom’s PAYBILL service is by far the most convenient and popular mode of payment available here in Kenya. It’s almost impossible nowadays to find a business establishment in the country that doesn’t accept MPESA payments and for a good reason; it’s popular, cashless and its right on your mobile phone. The PAYBILL service technically allows almost anyone to receive and after a recent important feature update, to make payments through the popular MPESA mobile payments service.

For you to apply and get a Safaricom PayBill number for MPESA transactions, there are a couple of key requirements you have to meet as I’ll outline towards the end of this editorial; but first, let’s see why exactly would someone consider accepting payments via a PayBill number. For a start, almost everyone uses it. There was a time I hardly carried cash and for reasons I’ll share some other day, but the current social distancing directives in the wake of Covid-19 should be a good place to get your motivation not to carry cash.

Secondly, its far way secure than let’s say carrying cash, Safaricom has implemented a couple of security measures over years that have tremendously improved security of transacting via MPESA. You’re required to put a PIN whenever you’re transacting via MPESA’s paybill option. And just recently, it’s almost not possible for someone else to replace your SIM card without your approval, thanks to the recent security feature.

And last but not least, MPESA’s PayBill service is by all means the most convenient in the industry. In my personal opinion, I always prefer retailers that accept payments via PayBill service. Most businesses accept it from payments of Utility bills such as water, power or Pay TV to making bank deposits as well as payment of school fees.

How to apply and get a Safaricom PayBill number for MPESA transactions;

  • As I had earlier signaled, there are some key requirements for you to get a PayBill number that are detailed from this PDF document that is downloadable from Safaricom website through this link: PayBill requirements
  • First, you’ll need to fill the following forms; Paybill Application Form and Terms & Conditions form, M-PESA Business-to-Business Payments form and Paybill Merchant USSD Application Form. Choose one that’s relevant to you from this link: Important PayBill application forms
  • Take these forms to Safaricom and jumpstart your journey to accepting payments via a PayBill number.

There are different types of PayBill numbers you can apply for MPESA transactions, such as short term PayBills for education or medical fund and business to business (B2B) numbers


  1. My Company registered a pay bill number. how can I log in to this paybill number to view the trasactions. Kindly guide me throgh. I have a have a user name and password.


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