APA insurance unveils a new agent app, here is what it means to agents and customers

Embracing technology in operations and services seems to have become the new norm today, and for a good reason. Kenyans have grown sensitive more than ever to commute here and there owing to the current global crisis and are more likely to prefer services of organizations that offer remote access without having to move to physical offices. It’s actually what propelled the likes of Safaricom’s MPESA to immeasurable success.

Imagine having to do all transactions ranging from payment of utility bills to transferring cash to other people right on your mobile phone without having to involve an agent or visit a physical location for that matter – that’s the power MPESA brought to Kenyans. Unfortunately, this is a domain that most insurance companies have terribly lacked behind and the current social distancing directives must have caught most of them pants-down. APA insurance is however aiming to turn the case around with a new agent app launch that’s expected to put basic services on your smartphone.

The latest app from APA insurance aims to empower motorists to make faster and safer insurance purchases as well as renewals and report claims. Over the years, insurance brokerage amongst Kenyans has been one of the most tedious endeavors when it comes to claims. In fact, some Kenyans have fallen victim of bogus insurance agents who never submit subscriptions or are never affiliated to the insurer at all but actively selling their policies. The introduction of online based services is therefore a sure way customers could directly interact with an insurer without becoming a victim of scammers.

Speaking on launch, the Chief Executive Officer of APA Insurance, Vinod Bharatan said the application was a strategic since most of APA’s clients and agents had switched to remote working, in line with the Government advice for people to work from home.

New features on the APA agent APP

The new APA agent app is expected to allow agents access a premium calculator, agent account management, pre-insurance inspection and renewal on the go, making them more effective and efficient when interacting with clients and potential clients. We’ve seen insurers in the medical sector such as Minet and Jubilee innovate on ways to continue offering services to customers without them visiting a physical office.

Demand for online services have since surged since the social distancing directives became effective and APA in particular has witnessed an increase for online services and the app aims to serve as a solution that provides customers with freedom and security online anytime, anywhere.

Bharatan also noted, with the increase of mobile apps as well as messaging services, the number users grow proportionately. He therefore concluded the company would leverage in-house digital capabilities to further elevate customers’ experience by taking digital services to the platforms of their choice.

How to access and use APA insurance agent app

The app is available from respective app stores and customers alongside agents may download and register for the service, their virtual account will be issued instantly.

Motorists will receive a digital insurance certificate instantly upon purchase or renewal. The dashboard is tailored to customer needs with a single overview providing access to payment history, benefits and claims details. In cases of an accident, customers can also upload accident photos and instantly file a claim report. The app provides coverage against fraud, safeguards and supports customers in case of defective or damaged online claims. The app also provides locations of APA’s country wide partner garages in case of an accident. The app can be downloaded here for android devices


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