How to easily get approved for a loan from Loan apps such as Zenka, Branch, Tala and Okash

Loan applications here in Kenya have apparently frozen issuing out loans to applicants due to the uncertainty nature the corona virus has presented. The steps highlighted below might therefore not work at the moment but they’ll sure do once these apps resume issuing loans. I remember back in the day when I was introduced to these apps as a faster way to sort my immediate financial needs, and they worked most of the time but had to overcome some minor hiccups to be successful in my applications.

Why are the loan apps such as Zenka, Branch and Tala only available on android devices?

To understand why you’ll only access these apps on the android ecosystem, you’ll need to understand how they actually work in the first place. iOS has been known for its security obsessed nature. The iPhone ecosystem puts security above everything else and it becomes almost impossible for these applications to harvest data on your phone unlike in android.  

In barebones, this basically means these loan apps won’t have enough data to award loan limits or tell if you have other running loans. On the other hand, within the android ecosystem, the user is given full control to decide which apps will access data such as sms text messages on their devices. It’s actually one of the permissions you’ll need to grant an app before applying for a loan. Therefore, you’ll most probably not see these apps on strict ecosystems such as the iOS platform.

How to easily get approved for a loan even with an active loan from a different app

After having understood how these loan apps work, here are some of the key steps you can take to improve your chance of securing a loan from them.

  • Use an unrooted android device to apply for the loan or better yet, install Magisk if root access is necessary.
  • If asked, sent the correct MPESA statement, some apps use this to come up with a credit score
  • Most importantly, delete any message reminder of an active loan such as Mshwari, Fuliza and so forth.
  • Put correct details such as names as they were used to register MPESA and exactly as they are on your ID.

Its very prudent that your text messages paint a good picture with regard to your credit so make sure you delete all messages referring to other active loans or fuliza. Most of these apps harvest all of your text messages to scan through and determine your credit worthiness.


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