KCB Bank Customers to enjoy WhatsApp Interactions through the Digital Customer Service platform

The Kenya Commercial Bank customers are expected to enjoy new ways of customer care interactions to access services previously only available through traditional methods such as email and telephone. The move is expected to bring on board one of the most popular messaging systems as a method that customers could easily contact the bank’s customer care center to access services on what it calls – “a different level”.

Several telco companies in the country have been exploiting additional methods that customers’ can access services on the go by utilizing technologies that come with increased penetration of internet enabled smartphones. A few months back, we witnessed Safaricom employ the Zuri Chat Bot that gave customers access to support services that were previously only accessible via their contact center or email, that was a territory we could only associate with Zuku’s telegram option.

WhatsApp is by far one of the most popular platforms utilized on mobile devices amongst the youth and by adding the service to their contact platform, KCB care agents will now be able to offer support services to customers. This became possible after the top bank in the country employed services of the Digital Customer Service platform which is designed by Sparkcentral – the customer experience solutions provider with Headquarters in San Francisco, US.

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) will therefore become one of the few top African financial institutions to be approved for the WhatsApp Business solution. The platform will become part of the bank’s customer interactions platform, allowing KCB to leverage on one of the most-used messaging systems and take communications to the next level as part of an overall digital transformation effort.

Other messaging services utilized by KCB

Besides the valuable addition of WhatsApp, KCB customers can make enquiries on services through popular messaging services such as Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram, Twitter as well as through a bi-directional SMS and modern live chat.

While speaking on the development, Kenya Commercial Bank’s Customer Experience Director Job Njiru said the bank was defining ways the institution could offer services to customers through its digital transformation efforts. He also added the addition of WhatsApp to the platform was critical in delivering excellent services by allowing the bank collect real time data on customers, then analyze and use it to make informed decisions on how to improve their operations on an ongoing basis.

He also acknowledged the move will combine enterprise scalability with ease of use, making it a smart investment in terms of the bank’s long-term growth. The move was driven by the need to see customers get answers and information they need from KCB as quickly and conveniently as possible and on the platforms they want,” he added.

WhatsApp enjoys a massive usage in the world with over 1.5 billion monthly active users, making it a dominant platform in markets such as Africa, Europe, and South America.


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