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How to check your monthly KPLC bill via text message or email address

Checking your monthly electricity bill for postpaid customers has never been easier, especially after the county’s main power provider – KPLC introduced the e-bill service. Just a few years back, KPLC postpaid customers relied on their monthly bills sent via postal office before switching to text and email based notification. The whole idea of using postal service to notify customers on their outstanding electricity bills was a bit cumbersome considering the whole process was slow, inefficient and not easily accessible to those without postal addresses.

What is KPLC e-bill?

Just like you’d get a notification via the postal service on your outstanding electricity bill, e-bill is simply an alternative electronic means employed by KPLC for postpaid customers to query their monthly bill. In other words, it’ll allow customers easily check their electricity account balance and bill due date any time, by SMS or e-mail.

How to check your monthly electricity bill via E-bill text message based Service (SMS)

By using a text message from your mobile phone, the e-bill service allows customers to their electricity account balance and bill due date by following these easy steps:

  • On your mobile phone, head over to the text messaging service and compose a new message
  • Enter the first part of your account number in the message body. i.e., if your account number is 998877-01, enter 998877 in the message body.
  • Send this message to 95551.
  • Within a few seconds, you will receive an automatic reply with your account balance details.
  • The e-bill service works on all Kenyan networks and is charged at Kshs. 5/- above the normal SMS rates.
  • Please note you’ll need to have the account number to utilize this service

How to check your monthly electricity bill via E-bill email service

If you’d rather get your outstanding electricity bill via email and not SMS, then the E-bill e-mail service will let you use that without a hassle. Unlike the text message based service which does not demand internet connectivity or having a smartphone, you’ll at least need to have an email address and internet connectivity to utilize this alternative. Interestingly, mobile technology is not essential in this case as an email can be sent from a variety of devices.

Follow these steps to receive your electricity bill via email address;

  • Once you’ve logged into your email address whether its Gmail, yahoo or a custom mail in outlook, select on “create a new email message”
  • And just like we’ve seen in the above procedure using SMS, enter the first part of your account number in the subject field. For example, if your account number is 998877-01, just enter 998877 as your subject.
  • Do not write anything in the email body (leave it blank)
  • And sent to [email protected]
  • You’ll receive your outstanding balance within a few minutes via an automatic reply with your account balance details and payment due date.

Notably, syntax is key as both services are automated and any variation would make it impossible for KPLC systems to reply with the correct details of your account.


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