how to instantly deposit cash to your cooperative bank account via Lipa na mpesa

convenience has prevailed over most financial operations that were otherwise only possible by physically visiting a banking agent or banking hall. Mobile money services such as Lipa na Mpesa are so easy to use and doesn’t require one to be physically present at the bank. Today for example when I needed to make an online transaction with my funds in the cooperative bank account and couldn’t because the available funds were insufficient, I couldn’t tell just how Safaricom’s fuliza and Lipa na Mpesa services could come in handy.

I was poised to purchase something on Aliexpress using available funds in my bank account when I was presented with a dreadful error of insufficient funds. Have you ever been so eager to buy something especially one of the latest high-tech gadgets only to realize that the amount you have isn’t enough? Or wanted to deposit some funds in your cooperative bank account but agents or banking branches are so far away? And of course the seller was only accepting card as the only means of payment.

Well that happened to me and just wanted to share with readers how that activity could be so simple with Lipan a Mpesa. The service is currently available to many financial institutions and just like any other transaction, you can deposit money into your Cooperative bank account through MPESA Paybill Number 400200 in seconds.

Here is how to instantly deposit cash to your cooperative bank account via Lipa na mpesa

  • First of all, you’ll need to ensure yo have an active Mpesa account with enough funds to deposit to your coop account
  • Head over to your Mpesa menu, just as you would with any other Lipa na Mpesa transaction and select Lipa na Mpesa. Please note this process can as well be done using the Mpesa app
  • Select Pay Bill from the list then Business No
  • Enter Cooperative bank Lipa Na Mpesa business Number 400200
  • Type in the Co-operative Bank account number you are transferring money to as the “Account No” and press “OK”
  • Enter the amount you intent to transfer
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN and press “OK”
  • Confirm all the details are correct and press “OK”

You should get a confirmation message from Mpesa confirming the transaction as well as a separate confirmation message from the Cooperative bank of Kenya confirming receipt of the amount in your account.



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