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    FULIZA M-PESA overdraft facility allows users complete M-PESA transactions when they have insufficient funds in their M-PESA account

    Are you low on M-PESA balance yet desperately in need of cash to make that important transaction? Whether it’s a utility bill with a Paybill/Till number or just want to send cash to someone with an emergency somewhere, FULIZA M-PESA could come in handy as it’ll allow you complete that transaction even when low on MPESA balance. You could borrow cash using the already available Mshwari or KCB-MPESA loan facilities to sort out your problem, but what if you’re already on the MPESA menu and probably servicing an existing loan or already reached your maximum loan limit; this is where FULIZA M-PESA is way better than all alternatives.

    Overdraft facility already exists with many banking institutions; it’s surprising how the likes of FULIZA M-PESA services took this long even after loan facilities becoming available early in time on our mobile phones. FULIZA M-PESA service is definitely viable at least according to Safaricom alongside with partners who got the much needed go ahead nod from Kenya’s financial regulator – Central Bank of Kenya.

    There are no known stringent requirements to use FULIZA M-PESA, all You need is be an M-PESA registered customer with an active Safaricom line; so if you are already using MPESA, you should be good to go and you can hold as many accounts as the number of MPESA lines you have.

    How to Subscribe / Start Using FULIZA M-PESA

    • On your phone’s Dial pad, dial *234# to subscribe via USSD Code
    • Then select ‘Fuliza M-PESA’ to opt in.
    • FULIZA M-PESA has of course a set limit on the amount you can access which you can utilize as long as you’re within the limit.

    The following services on FULIZA M-PESA can be accessed via a USSD Code “Dial *234#

    • Check your FULIZA M-PESA limit
    • Check FULIZA M-PESA balance
    • Access FULIZA M-PESA mini statement

    However, each time you transact using Fuliza, you will receive a text message with the respective outstanding Fuliza amount. The more you use and repay FULIZA M-PESA, the more chances you would grow your Fuliza M-PESA limit just the way you’d normally grow mobile loan limit.

    How to repay FULIZA M-PESA

    As long as you have an outstanding overdraft, any funds received or deposited in your M-PESA account will automatically be used to clear your outstanding Fuliza M-PESA.

    FULIZA M-PESA Transaction Costs / Tariffs

    Band Tariff
    0-100 One-time fee of Ksh 2
    101-500 Ksh 5 per day
    501-1000 Ksh 10 per day
    1001-1500 Ksh 20 per day
    1501-2500 Ksh 25 per day
    2501-70000 Ksh 30 per day


    1. I’m sending money to my friend coz I have fuliza but can’t get money give me direction step by step on how to get that money


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