How to pay rent at Barclays Bank Kenya Automated Teller Machines (ATM) for Activated Rent Accounts

As I walked into the Barclays bank branch located in westlands Nairobi off the sarit center, I had not thought of exactly how long it was going to take for me to make my rental payment, but I had it planned well during lunch time so no one misses me at my place of work; Little did I know the entire process could be completed at the teller machine inside within no time. To be honest, I’m usually very skeptical to some payment methods that utility companies and landlords accept, I’d for example opt not to visit any bank agent for that purpose especially if it involves huge amount of cash after one agent almost retained my card in pretense to have accidentally forgotten to hand it over after the transactions I did. I was therefore very impressed just how technology has advanced to allow someone pay for rent through teller machines and even include both narrations (persons paying and for what) at the Barclays bank teller machines (ATM).

The process is pretty straight forward, but there are some mandatory requirements that have to be met to be able to pay for your rent at the ATM machines. At the moment, I do not recollect any other ATM that has this functionality apart from the westlands branch, I’d therefore strongly advise to make necessary clarifications before visiting the teller machine location. Instead of putting up with long queues at the banking halls, the ATM solution is simply amazing and the security guy I found at the location was more than helpful, he explained the whole process and I’ve never looked back ever since.

Requirements for paying rent at the Barclays bank teller machine;

  • Your landlord must have enabled this feature on their respect account before you can utilize it.
  • Cash must be in denominations of either 500 notes or 1000 notes. Other notes are unfortunately not accepted at least at this ATM machine.
  • You need to have relevant information i.e. the account name and number with you including the respective narrations i.e. tenant and house number.
  • Of course you need to have the exact cash to complete the transaction, other services including overdraft facilities such as Safaricom’s Fuliza are not available here and you’ll not be allowed to proceed with less cash. 
  • There’s a cap on the maximum amount you can pay through the machine of 100 notes

How to pay rent at Barclays Bank Kenya Teller Machines

  • Step 1; ensure you have the whole amount you intent to pay for rent in acceptable denominations (500 and 1000) Kenyan shillings and properly aligned – this will make it easier
  • On the teller machine, press “Cardless Services”
  • Then head over to “Cash Deposit” from the Menu items
  • Accept the “Disclaimer” and press continue on the machine
  • Enter your landlord’s Barclays bank Rent Account then press on “confirm”, if it’s not supported, you will not proceed after this step
  • On the next screen, you will be shown the Account number followed by Account Name (some digits may be hashed out) and lastly the Currency (should be KES) press on continue
  • Enter Narration i.e. Rent for House Number x then continue
  • input your Full Names on the next screen if you’re the tenant then press on “continue”
  • Enter your phone number or ID number on the next screen
  • Put the full amount you intent to pay into the ATM, if accepted, the machine will count and indicate the figure on the screen
  • Confirm and continue, on the next screen, you’ll see full details including Narration, Landlord’s account name (without hashes) amount paid for rent.
  • If any of the details are not valid at any step, you may press “Cancel” to reverse the cash before the last step



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