Nokia 4.2 is a beautiful midrange smartphone with a large 5.71-inch HD+ display panel that most of you will love to get

As the foldable smartphone phenomenon take an absurd percentage of the current tech trends, we’ve decided to get old-school and look at what other practical devices manufacturers’ intent to bring in 2019. The little known Nokia 4.2 is equipped abundantly, just enough to appease most of you out there and we’ve gone bananas just to let you understand what you’ll be missing by overlooking a rather decent smartphone on Nokia’s lineup while wooed by the “foldable” phenomenon. But before that, it’s important to talk about the “foldable smartphone phenomenon”, now that everyone seems amazed hoping for it to be the next tier of smartphone evolution. Pretty, evolutionary? Most definitely, foldable devices have been prototyped by smartphone giants for a while now, but this doesn’t necessary imply availability in the near future or ever!

Sorry to break your hearts on the topic but there are some concerns we really need to air them out and understand before we resolve to wait for something that might never arrive. First of all, I love new design cues and features invented by phone makers who strive to give us something different every year – I mean that’s how they remain relevant each year and make new sales as well as upgrades. Remember the notch? It was quite a hype if you ask me, but considering the direction Samsung has taken on its latest S10 series, we don’t expect to see it around for a while – maybe on iPhones with their face ID thing but that’s just it, the S10 series have simply the best implementation of an all screen device courtesy of the “punch hole camera” period. These technologies are simply too expensive to make them available in the mainstream market. In fact, I tent to associate the “foldable” era as something manufacturers have invented not necessarily to equip with their upcoming devices but just show off what they’re capable of.

Go for Nokia 4.2 if you’d prefer pure un-bloated android experience

Back to our practical Nokia 4.2, for a start, we need to ask ourselves some simple questions; just how much do we love un-bloated android experience? Manufactures are known to slap a skin on top of android OS that might enhance user experience as well as degrading the same. Third party skins could enhance the user experience including how the user is able to utilize some hidden features to degrading the same for example unnecessarily slowing down your device and draining your battery. If this is a major concern, then get the Nokia 4.2 you’ll love the experience. It delivers a pure Android experience with Android One, running on Android 9 Pie. It lacks bloatware thereby allowing free monthly security updates that further enriches your phone without gobbling it down.

Design is simple yet elegant

I’ve personally grown font of Google’s included personal assistant on latest iterations of Android. You’d be answered some simple questions juts by pressing the enclosed Google Assistant Button on Nokia 4.2. The device looks compact and bezels have been trimmed to accommodate an oval notch housing an 8MP front selfie camera. On the other hand, expect a 5.71 HD+ display, in a stunning 2.5D curved glass design. Everything underneath was well planned to accommodate a large long lasting 3000mAh battery we expect to be adequate for a moderate user. At the back, you’ll be pleased to find two sensors; a 13MP and 2MP rear-facing camera with pro editing tools.


Whether you are a face unlock guy or find the back-placed fingerprint sensor plenty for secure unlocks, you shall never lack on the new Nokia 4.2. This handset just enough technologies you’d expect in any modern handset.

Nokia 4.2 Price in Kenya – Will update in due course.


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