Transferring your Cash from the Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) account to MPESA is as simple as “Lipa Na MPESA” Service

If you are an adult living in Kenya, chances are you’ve already transacted on Safaricom’s MPESA mobile wallet platform. Thanks to the enormous adoption the service continues to enjoy since it was launched, almost anyone with a phone is familiar on how to utilize the service’s bills payment function – popularly referred to as a “PAY BILL” no. Technology evolution in the mobile payments segment is simply unrivaled compared to the rest of the world, but there are some pretty important functionalities users’ tent to assume even though they could make their lives a whole lot easier than traditional methods.

As is the case when I’m so enthusiastic about something especially in the tech world, I tent to share it here with my loyal folks and today, I’ve devised something that’s worth checking out especially by our beautiful sisters on the Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) network. I’m therefore going to divulge important steps you can follow to withdraw/deposit money between your Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) account and MPESA, as well as how you can general mobile banking services from the Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) that are available via mobile banking.

Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) mobile banking services;

Before we continue in the mobile banking arena, I have to clarify that this service is independent of MPESA and merely serves as a convenient way to access services from the financial institution without having to physically visit any of their branches.

  • As is the case with many mobile banking services out there you’ll need to initiate Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) mobile banking services via their official USSD Code: *859# and access a myriad of services as listed below;
  • You can deposit cash from your MPESA wallet to KWF account
  • Loan requests and repayment as well as balance enquiry
  • Requesting your mini statements
  • Transferring cash between different Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) accounts
  • Airtime Top Ups both (Safaricom and Airtel) supported
  • Utility bills payment

How to Transfer Cash from the Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) account to MPESA

  • On your phone, head over to the dialer and key in USSD Code: *859#
  • When prompted, enter your Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) Mobile Banking PIN
  • Select funds transfer
  • Scroll down to “mobile money transfer”
  • Then choose from “Account to MPESA”
  • Select either to my phone or to another phone
  • For my phone Enter amount to send
  • If you’re sending to a different number other than yours, then enter phone then amount to send
  • Select account, then Accept or cancel.
  • You will receive a confirmation message from KWFT

How to deposit cash from MPESA to your Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) account

  • Head over to the MPESA menu using your Safaricom line (must have a registered MPESA account with enough balance to initiate the transfer or utilize fuliza service)
  • Press on “ Lipa na Mpesa” then select Pay Bill
  • Enter Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) Business Number (101200)
  • Then type in your Kwft account number
  • Put the amount you intent to deposit followed by your Mpesa PIN
  • You will receive a confirmation message from KWFT


  1. Isee that i better withraw my saving because i applied loan but they still cheating me ‘next mounth ”nextmounth’ from solyot group Bomet county


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