UberASSIST for the disabled and Senior Citizens lets them use specially trained driver-partners with cars that accommodate folding wheelchairs and walkers

Uber has unveiled UberASSIST in Nairobi– a service specially designed for seniors and the disabled in our community. Unlike current Uber services, UberASSIST features specially trained driver-partners who have cars that can accommodate folding wheelchairs as well as walkers. The service intents to empower riders with disability and the elderly by allowing them access Nairobi city more conveniently without worrying about a bout having someone accompanying them.   

UberASSIST has been available in two other African towns – Johannesburg and Cape Town since 2017 before finally rolling out in Nairobi in 2019. There’s a cut-throat competition in Kenya’s taxi-hailing industry which features the likes of Taxify, Little cab and several motorbike focused apps forcing providers to improve and diversify their service offering. In Mombasa for example, Uber unveiled UberTuk that utilizes “tuktuk’s” owing to the popularity this means of transport has enjoyed in the region while similarly launching UberBoda in Nairobi.

UberASSIST will therefore score an advantage for Uber going into 2019, catering for a segment that had long been neglected by other taxi companies. Considering both Taxify and Little are yet to unveil a similar feature, I’d imagine most riders who fall within these two categories will feel more at peace riding with Uber and also gives an assurance knowing for example one can bring in his or her folding wheelchair.

How to Request uberASSIST for elderly and the disabled in Nairobi

  • Launch your Uber app as you’d do normally
  • Enter your destination (where you intent to go)
  • Swipe left and select uberASSIST – appears after ChapChap, UberX, Boda and just before Uber’s premium service – Select
  • Confirm pick-up location and request a ride


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