How to Request a motorbike Ride in Kenya Using uberBODA Service

If you’ve been longing for a motorbike taxi service similar to that of taxify but on Uber, you might have just got that; Uber Kenya has finally unveiled their version of Bodaboda service alongside the existing taxi hailing services here in the country. Motorbike taxis are specially very common here in Kenya due to their affordable rates and unlike traditional taxi cabs or public transport vehicles, can easily maneuver traffic in the city as well as access most remote areas in here in Nairobi for example.

For the rider, there isn’t much difference to requesting an uberBODA compared to UberX for instance, you’ll still have to go through the same process but in this case select BODA in your uber APP. However, drivers will have to meet certain requirements including road safety training and be in compliance with all National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) regulations. As part of the initiative, drivers will receive reflective jackets and helmets, one for the driver and another for the passenger.

Uber has also partnered with UAP-Old Mutual to provide injury cover for both passengers and drivers starting December 21, 2018.  UberBODA has the following charge structure;

  • Base fare of Ksh. 55
  • Minimum fare Ksh. 60
  • 14 per kilometer

How to Request Uber “BODA”

  • On your phone, open the Uber App and enter “Destination”, just as you’d request a normal Uber taxi
  • You’ll find uberBoda option in between UberX and Uber Select with estimated fare
  • Tap on “Boda” and
  • Wait for your ride to arrive
  • UberBODA is currently available in all neighborhoods in Nairobi except Central Business District.



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