Nokia 106 (2018) Review – Dual SIM Capability and an FM Radio lets us Forgive So Much That’s Missing

Let’s take a minute and forget all the glamour associated with iPhones, Pixels and Galaxies and appreciate just how much feature phones effectively served their purposes back in the day. In fact, it’s fair to imply all the technologies housed in modern top of the line handsets evolved from these devices. Most importantly, we could communicate via phone calls, send text messages back then just as we do nowadays except for of course a few additions that include those fancy looking emoji’s and so forth. Nokia 106 (2018) will not turn heads around when mentioned, you’d be correct to suggest it is not even comparable to the most basic android smart phone; however, what happened to all the excitement we used to have knowing that you’d be guaranteed a battery life of at least a week or so – under normal usage?  

Battery life is just awesome

Well, Nokia 106 (2018) will take you back in the day, to experience just a bit of those good old days with minor adjustments that reflects some of additions we now get on the so called smartphones. On paper, this device is said to last up to 21 days on standby, and 15 hours of talk time which by the way is not far from reality. I took a leap of faith to operate solely on this device for a week – I couldn’t go longer as you might have already guessed, but the experience in terms of battery life was astounding. I’d give anything to have my iPhone last this longer.

Price at its lowest

Gone are the days when phones were priced depending on their feature set rather than whose who, I bet it wouldn’t be impossible to get two different handsets with exactly similar specs but priced very differently, hundreds of shillings’ price tag has become the new normal with both flagship iPhones and Galaxies costing more than Ksh. 100,000. Consider this for a moment; with Nokia 106, you’ll still call and text at a fraction cost; basically doing exactly same fundamental functions for Ksh. 2000.

No WiFi, no Bluetooth, no GPS but you get an FM radio

If you are looking for a device to send those Bluetooth files, browse a bit of websites, receive and send WhatsApp messages, then this isn’t your phone, you’ll be better off with a galaxy sitting at the lower end of Samsung’s table. There’s no WiFi, no Bluetooth, no GPS; but hallow! You get an FM radio on the new Nokia 106 2018 version. Personally, I don’t listen to FM radio’s that often but at least it’s good knowing it’ll be accessible when you need it.

Design and Built Quality

The design is pretty cheap – I’m not complaining, it’s plastic and what Nokia did was to use inherent coloring meaning it’s color runs through the material, this in turn makes scratches less detectable.

Dual Sim Functionality

Nokia 106 supports Dual Sim capability, a feature that makes as forgive so much that’s missing on this device.


The Nokia 106 2018 version will not impress everyone, it’ll not see pockets of many pundits out there just as it has a brief moment in mine; however, it has its strengths that justifies everything you’ll miss. If you are looking for a device that’ll last longer than current smartphones could offer, or even a tad longer than closest handsets in the days of yore and has minimal features except for dual sim functionality and an FM radio, then this is your guy, otherwise you’ll be better off looking somewhere else.


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