Uber Kenya Security Features for Both Drivers and Riders and How to Use Them

Taxi hailing service providers in Kenya have evolved ever since they were launched; however, there has always been concerns on the security of both riders and drivers. We’ve at one point or another heard of Uber drivers being hijacked by robbers on a mission to riders who’ve been robbed by some rogue Uber drivers or worse violated. To tackle some of these security challenges, Uber has come up with new security features that are intended to assist both riders and drivers in times of emergency. The toolkit is essentially equipped with innovative features that mitigate security risks when driving or riding an Uber taxi.

The new Safety Toolkit which is expected to be rolled out across various regions from Europe to Africa, and in this case Kenya, will unveil some interesting measures that both riders and drivers can take if they feel their security is at risk or in times of emergency. These new features are also intended to enhance transparency, accountability, peace of mind and some bit of trust among all users.

In comparison with other players for example here in Kenya, Uber still leads the lot, and has so far provided millions of people with technology that allows them to get a ride at the push of a button, track every trip with GPS technology and report any issues 24/7 with a dedicated safety team. And perhaps with new security measures, Uber will not only become a tad more secure but make the entire Uber community safer.

Uber Security Features for Both Drivers and Riders:

  • Emergency button – Within the Uber App, an emergency button ensures riders, drivers and delivery-partners can connect directly to private emergency services and security response when needed through a third party private security supplier
  • Trusted Contacts – Riders can now easily designate five friends or family members as “trusted contacts” and, with a single tap, share their trip information which are easily customizable in their trip sharing preferences.
  • Safety Centre – A new app-housed safety information hub where users can find information on some of the key existing safety tools in the app, including our 24/7 team, information on the driver and the car, trip GPS-tracking and our rating and feedback system.
  • Speed alerts – A feature which reminds drivers and delivery partners to maintain a safe speed within the posted speed limits.

The new safety features will be implemented in stages to various regions, meaning not everyone from riders to drivers will have access to the features immediately.


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