How to get hold of an iPhone X before official release in Kenya, Pricing in Kenya

As shipments of this year’s flagship device from Apple begin, most of us living in rather ‘low’ iPhone market regions are wondering just how they could get hold of an iPhone X early in time without having to wait official availability from Apple authorized re-sellers. Well I might have a decent suggestion, it’s not guaranteed given the iPhone X is said to be experiencing constrained production numbers occasioned by hard to get/produce 3D sensor parts. The iPhone X availability in Kenya and its cost implications are some of the basics we’re yet to establish.

Kenya might not have a tangible number of iPhone users, but the trend is slowly changing. A few years back, owning an iPhone couldn’t be anticipated unless you really have a fat cheque from your income. But just observe in Nairobi for example, the number of people owning iPhone is quite commendable.

How to get hold of an iPhone X in Kenya early in time;

The easiest and probably guarantee-able way of getting an iPhone X in Kenya is probably if you have a relative in one of those countries that traditionally get newer Apple devices earlier. But what if you have no such connections? Well, there’s eBay and Amazon my top best online shopping sites. The price will obviously be exorbitant as sellers will need to capitalize on limited availability to get more out of the devices. So be prepared to churn more thousands of shilling in exchange for getting the iPhone X earlier. Lastly, I’m approximating the iPhone X to cost from Kenya Shillings 150,000 onward.


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