Infinix Zero 3 Android Marshmallow Beta Testers Required

How often do we see phone makers push updates of the latest available OS version to their devices? The answer to this simple but relevant question is probably not satisfactory unless you own an iPhone. Well some newcomers such as infinix mobile are upping their game. Previously, android lovers who wanted to experience the latest available update on their devices would be better off buying a Google nexus and now Pixel as they are guaranteed support from Google or rather go all out and purchase a new device altogether. Kenyan owners of hot selling infinix zero 3 can now test android marshmallow before it’s officially released to the public.

This essentially means infinix zero 3 owners have some good news in the pipeline. The handset has some top tier specs including a 5.5inch IPS full HD (1920×1080) Screen, a 20.7 megapixels back and 5megapixels camera. Consumers have a choice between 16GB and 32GB internal storage.

How to become Infinix Zero 3 android marshmallow beta tester;


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