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Nokia targets Kenya app developers with Imaging SDK 1.1 to create imaging-based apps

Kenyan developers are set to benefit from the introduction of the latest version of the Nokia Imaging Software Development Kit (SDK) which will enable them to create imaging-based apps that will run from devices to tablets as well as desktop PCs, with the same code. This follows the announcement by Nokia that the latest imaging SDK update was now available to Windows and Windows Phone app developers free of charge. With the Nokia Imaging SDK 1.1, developers will have access to a powerful library of exciting image manipulation tools, which makes creating the next generation of imaging apps for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 devices quicker and easier. Designed from the ground up with performance and a low memory footprint in mind, Nokia’s Developer Relations lead in East Africa, Moses Sitati, said the library’s functions don’t put a strain on the user’s device, which makes editing high resolution images swift and engaging.

Since the company launched the first SDK in July last year, the company says more than 1,500 apps soon appeared employing the technology. With the new update, developers will be able to embed features usually reserved for ‘higher-end’ Lumia devices which means zooming and rotating will be much more fluid fashion on devices such as the Lumia 520.

Sitati challenged the Kenyan developer community to take advantage of the new imaging software development kit to bring local consumers truly world-class imaging experiences.

“It’s the same technology used in Nokia’s own apps that we’re bringing to the SDK. Our team has really been able to optimise the technology so that the kind of image-centric functionality seen on higher-end Lumias is now possible in a very fluid fashion, even on a device like the Lumia 520, which is quite remarkable in this industry when you compare to some of the competitors.  This tool blurs the line between products such as the Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 520,” said Sitati.

With the new update, even more Lumia owners are in store for increased photographic potential, as outlined by its key features below:

Support for Windows 8.1 – desktop and RT

  • The shared API now allows Windows 8.1 desktop computers to create compatible software using the SDK.

Optimised performance = smother running

  • Thanks to the SDK, developers can now embed features usually reserved for ‘higher-end’ Lumias. This means, zooming and rotating in a much more fluid fashion on more affordable devices.
  • The ability to add Lens Blur (or ‘Bokeh’) and ‘Single Image HDR’ effects to images

The same Nokia technology is used by all imaging apps.

  • From the team that created apps such as Nokia Storyteller and Creative Studio, this library brings the same underlying technology to developers.  With a single API call, developers can build similar ‘wow’ experiences such as the Lumia’s ability to effortlessly reframe and freely rotate pictures taken with a 41MP camera. The Imaging SDK is now available now for download.


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