Startimes Pay TV Subscribers to get 6 Free To Air Channels Upon Disconnection

StarTimes media has today moved to provide access to at least six Free To Air channels upon the expiry of subscriber’s monthly subscription. StarTimes subscribers on the Pay Television platform will have a two week access to KBC, Citizen Tv, KTN, NTV, K24, GBS and STV-Guide upon the expiry of their monthly subscription which will allow for a grace period awaiting subscription renewal. Commenting on this latest development, StarTimes CEO Mr. Leo Lee noted that the company is keen to maintain its vision to ensure the majority of Kenyans have access to digital television which explains the company’s efforts to ensure subscribers continue to access television upon disconnection as they make plans to renew subscription and continue enjoying their favorite premium channels.

“We are setting the pace in ensuring that our subscribers enjoy the flexibility that comes with uninterrupted television access. We are guided by our vision to see the majority of Kenyans can not only access but also afford premium digital television service. The two week access to local channels after subscription expiry will allow for adequate time to budget for a service that continues to be more of a necessity than a luxury”, said Mr. Leo.

StarTimes subscribers using the Free to Air set top box will continue to access over 20 local channels as the FTA set top box has a dual feature enabling them to subscribe to the pay television channels at will while continuing to access the local channels for good upon the expiry of their monthly subscription.

“We have made stringent efforts to distinguish between our Pay Television and Free To Air decoders key in making sure that our customers are aware of what exactly they will be getting on purchasing either of the two. We are equally making it our corporate responsibility to ensure that customers are well informed at all of our points of sale”, said Mr. Leo.

The move comes soon after the company slashed the cost of acquiring both the StarTimes Pay Television and Free To Air decoders where they are currently retailing at Ksh 2,999 and 4,999 respectively both of which are enabled with one month Unique Bouquet subscription which normally retails at Ksh1,999.


  1. Free channels are for only two weeks after expiry of your subscription, there’s always a catch on free things


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