Rapid communication Introduces ‘Vooka’ a video streaming platform for WAP enabled Devices

Rapid Communications Ltd has announced the launch of Vooka, a mobile video streaming platform which offers an end-to-end video solution where the user manages video content on WAP enabled devices. “The proliferation of mobile phones and rapid changes in mobile technology has changed the consumer landscape” said Rapid Communication CEO, Mr. Anwar Hussein. “Consumers can now receive high quality videos on their mobile devices without needing to sit in-front of a computer, thereby giving them greater flexibility and accessibility.”

Vooka will be accessible to users who have mobile and smart phones with EDGE and 3G access. Users will be able to stream, dedicate, download, upload, share, comment, create playlists and like videos. Vooka creates multiple profiles of each uploaded video, automatically detects user bandwidth and delivers best possible video suited to user bandwidth to ensure smooth playback.

The mobile platform will be available to all subscribers on local networks Safaricom, Airtel and Yu Mobile. On Safaricom, users can subscribe  by sending “VOOKA” to 22832  after which they enter the URL ‘vookaonline.com’. On Airtel and Yu, subscription is automatic when users enter the URL ‘airetel.vookaonline.com’ and ‘yu.vookaonline.com’ respectively. Subscribers will be charged a daily fee of Ksh. 2. For dedications and video downloads, a nominal fee of Ksh. 5 and Ksh 10 respectively, applies.

 Vooka takes a special place of pride within our product stable as we will be concentrating on African content making it the first of its kind; produced and maintained in Africa. To assist in parental control on content, when registering, you will be required to fill in your age and if under-age some content will not open on that specific account” concluded Mr. Anwar.

All content on the site is filtered and in High Definition thereby guaranteeing high quality videos and audio. The content has been categorized into music videos, movies, live TV, breaking news and documentaries. For movies one can choose English, Nigerian, Swahili or Hindi movies. Companies can also advertise on the site for a fee.


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