Orange Kenya’s ‘NiSort’ – a Reverse Call Charge Service

Orange Kenya’s reverse call charge service dubbed NiSort works no different to how traditional fixed line (landline) used to, the only difference is on how the service can be accessed as well as the operations involved. Unlike the old landline telephone, you’d not need the intervention of the operator, a reverse call request is sent to the recipient and the call completed subsequently if accepted. This follows the successful launch of Pay4me-6565 – a similar service by YuMobile which allows its prepaid subscribers have their telephone charges transferred to the recipient instead of the person initiating the call. NiSort service allows Orange Kenya prepaid subscribers make phone calls even when their account balances are zero – charges are incurred by the recipient upon acceptance.

Mobile operators in Kenya have unveiled several services so far that allow subscribers to make those emergency phone calls even when their account balances aren’t sufficient, you may choose to top –up via a mobile banking service such as Mpesa for Safaricom or Orange Money for Orange or Airtel Money for Airtel or YuCash for YuMobile subscribers. Secondly, you can choose to request for airtime on credit and pay later or just use a reverse call charge service if you’re on Orange or YuMobile network. There are however various limitations on using this services including the scope of operability – services like NiSort are only available within the same network in this case Orange to Orange calls.

How to use NiSort – a Reverse Call Charge Service from Orange

Method 1: USSD

  • Dial #123# to access the USSD menu
  • Follow instructions by answering with the correct number

Method 2: Call

  • Just call your recipient starting with 128 followed by recipient’s contact
  • i.e. 128 followed by 070000000: 128070000000

Method 3: Voice Prompt

Dial 127 and follow the voice prompts


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