Epson EB-485Wi Ultra-Short Throw Projector Comes to Kenya

The latest generation EB-485Wi Epson projector brings interactive learning to schools with capability of multi-user support (student-teacher) on the same board. At a launch event in Nairobi march 27th, Epson’s East Africa Regional Sales Manager Mukesh Bector showcased Epson’s innovative ultra-short throw projector which works by mounting on the projection surface eliminating shadow effects witnessed on traditional projectors. The projector has two interactive pens that can be used by a student and a teacher at the same time, hence making collaborative work easier. The pens are fairly light and are very responsive making them easier to use – a feature credited to the hover function that’s responsible for detecting when they aren’t in contact with projection surface.

The two infrared pens allow users to write with “virtual ink” on the projected surface, manipulate interactive on-screen objects and features, or use them as a computer mouse. In comparison with current smart boards which can achieve the same functionalities but with different technologies, Epson EB-485Wi is a cost-effective alternative for presenters in need of interactive capabilities without having to purchase and install cumbersome white boards. During the launch even held at Sarova Stanley, the Regional Sales manager Mukesh Bector said the product was an intelligent and interactive projector suitable for teachers and business presenters who want to conveniently turn any standard whiteboard or smooth surface into an interactive learning and presentation area.

He also added the company was exited to pioneer in changing the whole concept of interactive learning by allowing students learn in classrooms of the future, beyond learning institutions, interactive projectors are equally valuable in the corporate environment enabling presenters to add notes or drawings and save them directly to the presentation or to use the interactive flip charts. He also noted Epson was on an expansion mission with a vision to integrate more applications as they come by. Epson EB-485Wi ultra-short throw projector can be mounted in four positions including under glass-top tables to offer interactive capabilities for engaging group work. Unlike standard projectors, the EB-485Wi can project large images from very short distances – minimizing occurrence of shadows. The lamp size has also dramatically been reduced and at the same time increasing its life span up to 3000 and 4000 in normal and economy modes, respectively.

Epson EB-485Wi Features/Specs;

  • Interactive: Built in interactive capability for annotating presentations without connecting a PC.
  • Ultra short-throw widescreen presenting
  • Multi-Projection Surface Support: Can be used on any surface
  • Highly responsive digital pens with ‘hover’ detection
  • Complete interactive package: two digital pens, projector, built-in software, wall-mount
  • 3,100 lumens white and color light output
  • Large projected image size, up to 100inches/254cm
  • Built-in 16w speaker
  • HDMI input for high-definition content
  • 3LCD Technology for deep blacks and natural colors
  • Low TCO with 4000-hr or 4yr lamp life in eco mode, 5000-hr filter life
  • Dual digital infrared pens, can be used simultaneously


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