Nokia Lumia 620 is Affordable but Rich in Features

‘Pessimism’ is a condition I’ve fought hard to avoid, I honestly can’t recall instances it has weighed down my better judgment but one thing is for sure, my reservations on Nokia’s progress before the first Lumia was introduced were alive and kicking. The Lumia 620 is not by any chance a high-end device and doesn’t cost as much, so you’d better keep expectations realistic to get a fair impression; compromises here were inevitable to keep prices under, but a few tweaks here and there still keep this phone beyond close rivals. I don’t intent to impose any preferences here neither is it my job, everyone has a right to decide but I’d say, the love we’ve adopted for a MicroSD card slot on modern handsets can’t be ignored. These types of slots essentially aids in expanding the internal memory by using an external MicroSD card, it’s a feature you’d not expected on every smart phone including top brands like the iPhones but necessary if you’ve a couple of mp4 files you’d rather carry around on your handset.

 Lumia 620 has a MicroSD card slot contrary to its immediate pricier sibling 920, and it’s not just that; in most cases, you’d get one that can handle up to a 32GB SD card, same as that found on a majority of devices within its price range, but the one housed on Lumia 620 can support up to a whooping 64GB card. It’s not the same scenario you’d expect on pricier devices like the iPhones, I have nothing against Apple; in fact, all of my observations are fact based, but I’d say this is one of those features you’d expect on every smart phone. Apple mostly bases its three iPhone variations on the internal storage besides Wi-Fi; 16GB, 32GB and 64GB internal memory and of course more memory attracts a higher price tag. Lumia 620 has 8GB already onboard and it’s entirely your call for additional storage, it’s an area I’d comfortably award this device a maximum score. There’s a 3.8inch display on the fore panel, it’s not as big as that on cheaper phones like the optimus L5’s 4.0inch, but it has a better 800×480 pixels resolution meaning small text look sharper and scrolling through your photo gallery is a pleasant experience.   

The phone is available in more than three colors, a technique that’s fast becoming typical of Nokia’s devices; you can choose your favorite from orange, cyan, Lime green, magenta, yellow, white to black. Below the screen are three capacitive buttons; back, home and search buttons, physical keys such as the volume rocker were saved for the right side leaving the left side untouched. Around the back is a 5.0Megapixel snapper and an LED flash just below it, I’d say we expected a bigger camera, probably 8MP but still 5MP isn’t that bad, you’ll get above average images on this snapper and up to 720p video quality recording. Lumia phones are mostly windows based and 620 isn’t an exception, personally, I love android but I am open minded to give other operating systems a shot, so far windows isn’t actually that bad. Under the hood is a 1GHz dual-core processor which’s okay considering the price tag, it can handle most apps on the market but not as fast as dual cores or quad cores.  
Nokia Lumia 620 Features/Specifications;
  • Operating System: Windows Phone 8
  • Processor: 1 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S4 Processor
  • Display : 3.8inch 800×480 (246ppi) Capacitive touch screen, 16m colors
  • Camera: Pri: 5.0MP, Sec: VGA, Auto-focus, LED flash, Video: HD 720p
  • Storage: Up to 64GB MicroSD, 8GB Internal, 512MB RAM
  • Connectivity: MicroUSB v2.0, Bluetooth v3.0, NFC
  • Internet: 21Mbps HSDPA, 5.76Mbs HSUPA, 802.11b/g/n WiFi/
  • Other ft: GPS with A-GPS support and GLONASS
  • Battery: Standard Lithium ion 1500mAh
Nokia Lumia 620Price in Kenya:



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