Sony PlayStation Vita (3G/WiFi) on our Benchmarks

Sony PlayStation Vita could as well be the last portable gaming device coming from Sony, at least from often reliable sources, but does it have the potential to leave us yearning for more? It has dual-analogue controls coupled by a large display unit, though its Quad-core processor surpasses everything else to be the main center of excellence. Portable gaming consoles are struggling with ever-becoming sophisticated mobile phones and Apple gadgets which have so far managed to capitalize on ‘all-in-one’ theory, bringing more functionality on these gadgets. Sony PlayStation Vita is not just about to give up without a good fight though, there’s a couple of impressive hardware resting underneath such as a Quad-core processor, a large bright screen and ergonomic controls. However, there’re still some areas we felt Sony messed-up big time such as a wanting battery life, no internal storage, big and bulky size, limited multi-tasking capability and lastly but not least, the console and games are beyond reach for budget-strained folks.

Sony PlayStation Vita surpasses benchmarks by absolute margins, with a 5.0inch display screen, a Quad-core processor and ergonomic dual analogue controls, rivals don’t come close. However, the aforementioned strongholds aren’t everything for an ordained gamer, strings attached on PlayStation Vita such as unimpressive battery, bulk size and expensive games unfortunately pulls its reputation down, and we found it difficult to recommend whole heartedly, unless you’re a follower with unquestionable interest in titles on this portable. Those looking for accessible, on-the move gaming portables would find iPod touch fancy enough, as you can easily buy, download and play a game in just under a minute. A better word to condemn Sony PlayStation Vita’s bulk size vanished from our dictionary; however, all we know is that, it stretches the definition of a portable console. It measures 182mm across, 83.5mm tall and 18.6mm thick, the glossy black finish was objective, as it doesn’t fell plasticky.
Despite its bulkiness, Sony PlayStation Vita weighs only 279g for 3G model and slightly lighter 260g for the WiFi only model, so you can carry it around all day without difficulty. There’re quite a number of ports on this console, and the figure of buttons can’t be underestimated either. On the left-side of 5.0inch touch-screen are the four-way direction pad, an analogue stick and a PlayStation button, while the right side houses the four PlayStation face buttons, start and select buttons and the second analogue stick. There’s also a frond-facing camera present. Around the device’s top area are two shoulder buttons, volume keys, plastic covers and a power button while the bottom area houses the main port essentially for USB connection and charging and a memory card slot. Presence of a memory card slot comes as a reprieve considering lack of internal storage on Sony PlayStation Vita.
Sony PlayStation Vita doesn’t have the best screen we’ve seen; however, the 5.0inch screen is bright and crisp, so you can still have the time of you life gaming. The Vita’s interface isn’t any different from a smart phone, so catching-up especially for newbie’s wont be an issue. There’s a build-in web browser too, but users might find it cumbersome to multi-task in-between games and internet. Games and apps can be downloaded though a memory card is needed for storage purposes, the 3G version is more appropriate to handle these apps including social networking via Facebook and Twitter.  
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