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LG A290 Triple-SIM Phone Review

LG’s latest feature handset A290 won’t get any awards on hardware or software; however, it offers something you won’t get on just any other device out there, Triple-SIM capability. As if two SIM cards weren’t enough, LG A290 is venturing in a virgin territory that’s been way out of our expectation, we’ve heard of a Dual-SIM, a Quad-SIM but not a Tri-SIM. Confused? Well, consider clock speeds of processors found on high-end smart phones; Single core, Dual-core and now Quad-core, Tri-core is out of question and we expected this to replicate on SIM support. Whether a Tri-SIM phone especially from a top-dog will fancy impressive numbers, is a question of time will tell. LG A290 is expected to first land in Russia before propagating into other markets at a price tag of $117. At this price, we’re forced to forgive a lot, but at the same time, highlight unreasonable compromises enforced to achieve the same.

Samsung has been keen to maintain its Dual-SIM portfolio with devices such as Chat322/C3222 Duosand S5222 Star3 Duos, LG A290 comes as a direct threat and it will be interesting to see the reaction from such major industry players. Besides the Triple-SIM feature, there’s hardly anything to talk about this phone, most of its specs are standard with respect to its genre. The front panel is shared between a 2.2inch display-screen and a numeric keypad, the LG logo is squeezed in between while a navigation button is engulfed within the numeric keypad between the upper keys. In between the navigation button is a menu key. The phone’s back is deserted with exception to a 1.3Megapixel camera without LED flash; you can take basic images in bright conditions, but don’t expect a miracle on their quality. There’s a flash-light around LG A290’s top area, so you’ll still find it useful at night. There’s a USB port on the top right-side of the handset. Generally, the phone is sturdy enough to escape damages caused by minor accidents such as accidental falls from reasonable heights.
We found 1500mAh battery capacity impressive, as there’s not much onboard that could drain power reserves that quickly except for Triple SIM cards, you’re likely to charge it once a week. LG A290 measures 113.5mm wide, 51mm long and 12.95mm thick, so it’ll still fit in the smallest pockets. Lack of GPRS and EDGE is the most disappointing aspect on this phone; unfortunately, web access is out of question. You’ll be better-off with a Dual-SIM at the same price where you can access internet via 2G unless you really need a Tri-SIM that bad.
LG A290 Features/Specifications;
  • Display: 2.2inch (176×220 pixels), 128ppi, TFT 256k colors
  • Primary Camera: 1.3Megapixel (1280×960 pixels)
  • Connectivity: MicroUSB v2.0, Bluetooth v2.1 with ADP, EDR
  • Storage: Up to 4GB MicroSD card, 9MB internal
  • Other Ft: Triple SIM, Mp3/Mp4 player, 3.5mm jack
  • Battery: Standard Lithium ion 1500mAh
LG A290 Price in Kenya: Kshs.(unavailable)



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