Pay4me-6565, Yu Mobile’s Reverse Call Charge Service

Yu Mobile has launched yet another innovative service- Pay4me 6565 that’s expected to add more bumps on its competitors roadmaps to revenue-fortunes especially in the voice call market segment. Yu mobile Kenya has endured considerable criticisms from its main rivals; Orange, Airtel and Safaricom for complicating the voice segment by introducing free calls within its network as well as almost zero-charging calls made to other networks. Airtel Kenya was also keen to maintain lowest call tariffs when other players such as Safaricom were busy increasing their tariffs of which they attributed to the weakening Kenyan currency complemented by unfavorable inflation rates, and for that reason, the two service providers have tremendously increased their subscriber base at least from recent statistics. Pay4me-6565 adds to the ‘free calls’ offer from Yu Mobile making it the most convenient network to make affordable voice calls in Kenya.

Pay4me-6565 service allows Yu mobile subscribers to make calls even with zero balances at the expense of the recipient. Just like other reverse call charge services available in many countries, Pay4me-6565 sends a request to the receiver first before the call is completed so they don’t feel duped. It essentially enables mobile users to make voice calls at the expense of the recipient subject to his authorization. During the official launch of the service, Yu mobile country manager Madhur Taneja said Pay4me 6565 service is aimed at eliminating lack of credit factor in discouraging subscribers to make voice calls. Just recently, Yu mobile surprised many by unveiling free facebook browsing service where subscribers are not charged a penny when accessing internet via its network as long as the url starts with Though to achieve free facebook browsing on Yu mobile, subscribers are mandated to ensure they’re using ‘internet’ as the Access Point Name (APN) and no form of subscription is required.
How Yu Mobile’s Pay4me-6565 Reverse Call Charge Service Works;
No form of subscription is required, at least from the official procedure that requires subscribers to replace the first digit (‘0’ to be precise) of their recipient’s phone number with 6565 i.e. 0754000000 to 6565754000000 when making the reverse call. The recipient will then receive a phone call requesting his authorization to pay for the call, after accepting the request; the call will then be completed and charged at Kshs.3 per minute. Pay4me 6565 service is the first of its kind among mobile service providers in Kenya, airtime transfers is the most common service which allows subscribers to share resources and is available on all service providers in the country.



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