Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 at Safaricom Shops

After Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 was unveiled in Kenya at Safaricom retail outlets, one fact become clearer; it was the best alternative to the now fading Huawei U8150, its one of the cheapest devices running on Android operating system in the industry. Google’s outsourced Android software is fast becoming popular in Kenya compared to Blackberry OS on RIM’s products, iOS on Apple’s devices and Windows Phone software which is embraced by Nokia on its high-end devices. Huawei U8150 currently boasts as the cheapest Android device in the country consequently recording the most impressive sales in the market segment since its inception in Kenya. Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 is fast becoming popular in the country due to its pocket friendliness coupled by some of the flourished features in the industry, it has also emerged as the best deal during the Safaricom open day, attracting majority of the visiting customers.

Samsung has so far managed to woo smart phone users by its innovative approach to the vast global Android device demand, where it unveils variant devices with different price tags, targeting different consumer segments; in this case, Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 is a low priced version of the globally best selling Samsung 19100 Galaxy S2 sibling. On top of that, the Galaxy Mini S5570’s design significantly resembles that of its sibling Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 though with a downgraded camera quality and weighs slightly lower. As expected, Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 looks and feels cheap compared to its siblings carrying the same ‘Galaxy’ name; its features and specifications don’t match that of its siblings either. However, if placed on a level playing field with its senior siblings, Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 offers impressive internet browsing and downloads speed courtesy of 3G HSDPA network support. It has a fine design measuring 110x60x12mm and weighs 106.6g, lighter than most devices in its genre.
For a device in its genre, I must point out; Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 houses some serious specs that ought to be mentioned such as a 3.14inch capacitive touch-screen though not as responsive as its senior Galaxy siblings, but enough for an average user experience. It comes with 160MB onboard storage capacity, Android v2.2 froyo operating system and a 600MHz ARMv6 processor. It has a 3.15MP (2048×1536 pixels) rear camera, stereo Fm radio with RDS, and TouchWiz v3.0UI.
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Features/Specifications;
  • Android v2.2 froyo operating system
  • 600MHz ARMv6 Processor, 160MB onboard memory
  • 3.15 (2048×1536) Megapixel Camera
  • Supports up to 32GB external MicroSD card, 2GB MicroSD card included
  • Bluetooth, TouchWiz V3.0UI, 3G; HSDPA 7.2Mbps
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Safaricom offer;
·        200mb Safaricom data for 3months
·        Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Price in Kenya at Safaricom Shops: Kshs.13,999


  1. kindly let me know a samsung phone ranging a retail price of 10,000/= or below which has the following features:-
    -a smart phone
    -i can read e-book from it and a


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